2D/3D Dashboard

Hi guys!
This is really a follow up from @625alex 's awesome web dashboard. ActiON
You’ll notice that it’s vaguely based on Alex’s, but I added the main feature I’ve always wanted: a 2D/3D layout.
I’m an Architect so you’ll understand my necessity to visualise the space in this way, and how easy some tasks would be, like taping on a specific lamp icon to turn on or dimming it.

These are just mockups and far from even being a prototype but I’m consulting the community to try to find options that would make feasible this idea.
I have no knowlage in groovy but some in javascript. Therefore three.js would be the best solution. If you’re not familiar with it have a look at this.

Another options would be using CommandFusion’s neat GUI designer software. It looks very flexible and with many possibilities but I’m not sure if anybody have used it to control ST before.

So…any ideas, thoughts, takers?


I have been looking at doing some sort of floor plan layout on my dashboard site https://thinglayer.net

That is a really cool looking mockup, not sure how easy it would be to implement. It would definitely have to be hosted on on an external server as this far beyond the scope of what a smart app is supposed to do.

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Me like!
yada, yada, yada…

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Now that’s a killer dashboard.

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Going to check out your dashboard :smile:

Will be following this for sure, I would love to have something similar. Alex did an awesome job on his dashboard and I can’t wait for grouping but if this became possible I am in.


The hard part would be making it workable for everyones layout. You could do a live mockup right now using Home Automation Dashboard I would give it a try but I have no skills in graphics.

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I think if you made it so that anyone could just upload a .JPG image of their layout, it could simplify things. This wouldn’t probably lend itself well to the 3D side, but it could work well for a 2D layout.

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This!! THIS THIS THIS!!! How do I do this?! I want to do this! O.o this is awesome!!!

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Thanks mate.
This was just a quick mock-up I created to show some possibilities.
I would like to develop this project but I’d need some help for it.


It could probably be a hybrid, right (in fact, SmartTiles is a hybrid … the fonts and icons and such (the CSS?) are not hosted by SmartThings; only the end-point Javascript and HTML for each Tile is hosted by the Service SmartApp…

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Anyone come up with anything on this?

Not mebut who knows what is being developed in secret.

This sort of interface will require enough work to demand some profit as an end result.
I know there’s a few folks trying to base profitable ventures upon the SmartThings Platform, but that requires a lot of optimism and patience. SmartThings doesn’t have a small-venture partnership program (yet?) which could at least instill some confidence … and maybe even funding.

I’m always open for collaborators who can present a profitable business model to consider.


I kicked it around for a bit. Just too many variables for me to try and do this solo and I really don’t see the value in it for myself.

Things that need to be done:

  • User uploading of images --Solved
  • User cropping --Solved
  • User specifies Length and Width of home --Solved (This is where it gets tricky)
  • Adjusting scale and position of status indicators. – not solved
  • Labeling the rooms in the house and allowing the user to move devices around the room via drag and drop interface – Not solved
  • Setting boundaries within the virtual house – not solved

If someone who happens to be a designer wants to build something open source with me; shoot me a message.


I’m unfortunately not sufficiently qualified to come up with an easy way to develop the “not solved” pieces of this idea. Given time and money, anything is possible, including possibly finding purchasing frameworks that might help (or hiring the expert(s) that have built similar frameworks…).

Regardless … I’m afraid it’s beyond my comprehension why anyone would take on a project of this magnitude “open source” without a substantial probability of revenue / renumeration. Are you optimistic about the market potential, or just interested in the challenge for personal growth and/or career portfolio?

There is not a large enough market for this sort of interface. It seems like a good interface, but if you study it long enough; it’s very impractical. If I could find the utility in it, I would build it myself. I like puzzles and this would be a pretty big one. If it were a need I had, I would definitely put more effort into solving it. Open source is a great way to get projects that have tiny markets made. If enough people have a vested interest in seeing something built, the end product is their remuneration.

There are several companies in the luxury market (and possibly the corporate and A/V control market) that make interfaces this rich (whether a floor plan or other types of customization).

I’ve clipped and pasted examples in other threads.

These companies have a different business model, I suppose, but I’m presuming that their customers demand a particularly high quality UX in exchange for the price.

Savant is not an example of this type of customization, but I think they are known for their UX quality (including hardware / switches). https://www.savant.com/


Isn’t there a possibility that at some point SmartThings may drive a demand for high-end third-party UI’s?

Yep. Luxury market. If you pay they will build it. Floorplan based ux is better suited to one off setups. You take the customers floor plans and build an interface around it. I have already done this for myself and that’s how I found it was not all that useful. The hard part is allowing users to upload and customize their own floorplans. You have to build an entire tool chain around that.

It’s an interesting market. High margins possible once you have a toolkit and template code to “quickly” build a customized interface on demand. High margin / low volume is not a bad business model if there is not too much competition scooping up customers or undercutting prices.

The market constantly in my mind is the long tail of the mid-market… i.e., more price sensitive than luxury buyers, and so may go with SmartThings instead of the luxury brands, but willing to pay for services, including some UI customization (and SmartApps, as needed).

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The reason I created this mock-up is because I personally think ST’s UI is pretty damn useless and I found myself using it less and less.

The hard part is allowing users to upload and customize their own floorplans.

I agree these interfaces are highly customisable and building a user creation system is a big job. Best thing I could offer is a photoshop template with layer styles so you could have the same look of my mock-up and the you export your floor plan as a png.

I have already done this for myself and that’s how I found it was not all that useful

Really? if this isn’t the best experience I don’t know what could it be! I can’t say because I have only used a similar UI at a friends house, he uses Creston but as you might know is its very pricey. I though ST could be an alternative for it but the reality is that the company/service is in its infancy. I’m happy to help as much as I can to make a project like this possible.

In this example from Creston you can control the whole house, you can glance every device or individually.
You also have the top toolbar for other modes.


I agree…

Technically, SmartThings has the underpinnings to permit rich “Crestron-like” UIs, and that it’s too bad the official UI seems far removed from ideal.

But the user-interface, while technically distinct, is inseparable from a business strategy perspective.

In other words, SmartThings has no intention of competing in the same league as Crestron. There is no logical business strategy to selling Dom Perignon at McDonald’s.