24vac damper control?

(phil) #1

I have a 24VAC controlled damper it has a common a open and a closed terminal which means you have to have power for both or a relay . Are there any zwave solutions out there

(Robin) #2

What country are you in?

I don’t have one myself but I believe the Fibaro Roller Shutter module can do what you need.

Depends though if the damper needs constant power to stay open/closed (Fibaro won’t work) or if it only moves when power is applied to one of the two control inputs.

If the former, consider using a SPDT dumb relay, toggled by a regular Zwave switch / module.

(phil) #3

USA. it does not need constant power. I will take a look at it and see if that will work. Thx

(phil) #4

I just looked at it but it says it is 110 220 and I assume that means it is the output also

(Robin) #5

You beat me to it… was just typing more.

Just double checked and actually, the roller shutter module wants mains voltage :frowning:

You could however use a step down transformer between the module and the motor (you’ll need 2 of them) so the module runs on mains and the motor receives 24v

With such a setup you won’t be able to use the auto calibration feature to discover the start / stop positions, but you will still be able to use the auto-stop parameters so it only runs for x seconds in either direction.

(phil) #6

I guess that could work. Lots of parts and pieces. This what I am trying to control without hooking it to a havoc system. http://www.ewccontrols.com/acrobat/090377a0165.pdf. It has its own control to figure out when it is open or closed. Basically looking for a zwave toggle switch

(Robin) #7

Looking at the thermostat wiring option:

It would appear the damper is happy to take constant power on PC6… and when power is applied to PO4 it looks like this will override the power applied to PC6.

Suggest you try wiring in a regular relay switch instead of a thermostat. Single on / off toggle will suffice.

Not sure about US availability but in the U.K. I would use a Fibaro Relay module (not the switch module)

(phil) #8

I think I will have the same issue with 24vac?

(phil) #9

Really thought hard on this one and I am not sure there is anything out there but a manual toggle switch

(Ray) #10

I don’t think it’s difficult just how do you want to control the damper? With both your existing system and ST or just ST? If does it need power and wattages?

(phil) #11

Just st. Input 110 output 24vAC. As he showed in the diagram the close can be constant 24VAC and just need a switch, from the same source, to the open. I do have a 8 channel sunfounder relay if that will help in the mix

(phil) #12

I have a memolite. I am wondering if I can take a hot leg fron the 24vac adapter put it in the NC on the memo and then and then run a leg from the common terminal on the memo to the damper to the open position on the damper and run another leg off that adapter to the closed terminal on the damper. It appears that the memo lite can handles 24vac but needs to be powered by 16vdc

Update performed the above and works great!!!

(Robin) #13

Fibaro single relay is not available in the US but this will work nicely, it’s a dry contact relay switch.