ISO good inexpensive Zwave plus outlet ideas for X-mas tree

Can’t think of another use for it yet, so I don’t want to spend very much.

what country do you live in?

United States

Does it have to be z-wave? You may be able to still find the Iris outlets for cheap, it they are zigbee.

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Monoprice has Z-Wave plus outlets/plugin switches for about $20

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What about a lan device? I have some Sonoff switches wired into the extension cords I use for the xmas tree. My network doesn’t end up relying on them as repeaters (which z wave and zigbee will) and they’re cheap enough that I don’t mind only pulling them out when i need them. They might have a delay of a second or two when they come on but for decorations, who cares.

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If you’re open to zigbee, prices are starting to come down in order to reach the Amazon echo plus market. This week the Sylvania pocket socket is on sale for $15. :sunglasses:


How are those in terms of responsiveness and Smartthings integration vs going with a Zwave outlet from monoprice per say

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The sylvania will pair out of the box with SmartThings. The monoprice may not and require the device handler to be manually assigned.


Buy the two pack of Wemo plugs from Costco.

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I got this one as well. Right out of the box with smartthings! I use it with no problems.