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2018 - Current: Custom Graber Virtual Cord Z-wave+ Shades & Bali Autoview Z-wave+ Shades


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@ZebraBlinds I will try that. Also I noticed that the shades with Device Network IDs containing letters don’t show up in the HomeSeer Z-Flash application.

I tried to manually change one of my device IDs to a number and really f’ed it up. I finally got that blind back on the Z-wave network and I don’t plan on trying that again :/.

I’ll test in different rooms and report back.


Thank you for your reply. What do you mean by device handlers? I’m not familiar with that term yet.

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@ZebraBlinds I’ve walked around the house, but I still haven’t been able to connect to every shade in the homeseer application. Is there any way to address a shade directly?


@aniraf, you mention that “IDs containing letters don’t show up in the HomeSeer Z-Flash application.” If memory serves, the ST IDE represents device IDs in hex and Z-flash shows the same ID values in decimal (e.g. 3C vs 60). Is that what you were seeing?

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So the hard part is figuring out which shade is updated and which isn’t since ST only shows the updated version when you remove and add a shade back to ST. Once you figure our which one’s are updated, you can connect the remaining shades directly to Homeseer zflash, apply the update and then remove and readd to ST.

The homeseer z-flash kit should have instructions on how to add a z-wave device to it directly.

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The Black Friday discounts have been extended into Cyber Monday due to an overwhelming amount of requests. Please note it won’t be extended further.

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New video:

If any of you want to send videos in of how you use them etc, we would appreciate it! We always like featuring customer videos. I am also updating the video on the first post with this one.

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Friendly reminder. The chirstmas sale is in full swing, coupon codes are on the discount post. Last chance for the next few months for larger than normal savings on these shades.

Also friendly reminder since I’ve been getting a few requests on if people can place orders and basically have it held at the low pricing, you can place the order and have us hold it for up to 60 days.

Also please check out the video from the post above. Would really appreciate your thoughts on the video (likes on youtube as well :smiley: ). Also if you want to send us your videos please do, we would love to add them to our channel as well as products.

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I just installed my Zwave shade following the included instruction of pairing and smart things was able to control them. However, the shade does not appear as new device to already linked google home account. Anyone had similar experience? Right now the device handler is the default “Springs Window Fashions Shade”. I tried Z-wave Shade but then it became uncontrollable in ST app.

(Neal ( / #431

The Z-wave Shade device handler from this page won’t work in the new SmartThings app. You would need to use the SmartThings classic app.

For the new app, switch the device to Dimmer Switch and it will work with the new app and google home.


Like Leo, I was also able to successfully pair to SmartThings. I paired using ST app v1. But I’m not able to get my Amazon Echo to recognize the new blinds. I verified through the SmartThings API that the blinds showed up as Springs Window Fashions Shade and that I was able to control them through the ST app, I just couldn’t get the blinds to be recognized by Alexa. I also tried changing the blinds to Dimmers (Generic and Generic Z-Wave), but that didn’t seem to have any impact. Any tips?

(Neal ( / #433

Once you change them to the dimmer switch device type you need to have Alexa rediscover the devices. Sometimes it might take some time to show up. On google home it just shows up after a while. Alexa and Google home support dimmer switches so once the device handler is switched to the dimmer switch, it should work without issues. The shades accept commands that a dimmer switch would accept which is why it works.

Since you’re on the smartthings classic app you can also use the device handler linked on the first post of this thread.

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Hey! I’m trying to figure out how you finally linked your blinds to Google Home? How did you switch them to generic dimmer?

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  1. Go to
  2. Login and then click on My Locations, then click on your hub name.
  3. Login again if it asks you to.
  4. Go to My Devices, then click on the device name for the shade
  5. Click on Edit, and under device type choose dimmer switch and save. Repeat step 4 and 5 for every shade.
  6. Now on Alexa you need to rediscover devices. On Google Home it should pick it up by itself after a while.


Thanks for the help! I ultimately ended up having to delete the SmartThings skill from Alexa and re-authenticating. After that, all my blinds (with dimmer device handlers) showed up perfectly. I ultimately ended up using Eric Vale’s device handler.

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I use it as well, only downside is that it doesn’t work on the new ST app. You need to use a dimmer switch for the new app.

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I wonder if we can add the correct vid: to get I to work?

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Asked on another forum but told to try here …

Anyone been successful using homebridge to control the Somfy / Graber blinds? I installed homebridge on a Raspberry Pi and I used a Smartthings device handler to load everything that was in Smartthings … it treats them all like a dimmer, which is fine, but I can only seem to get the blinds to go up, not down. Curious if others have had any luck and which handler you are using in both ST and homebridge. I’m using the Graber DH in Smartthings and then using a Smartthings ‘emulator’ of some kind in home bridge.

This is all pretty new to me … I know enough to be dangerous but not enough to be proficient! Happy to try and learn tho! TIA for any thoughts or comments from those who are working on home bridge / Graber integration via Smartthings.

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Updated videos are coming soon.