2018 - Current: Custom Graber Virtual Cord Z-wave+ Shades & Bali Autoview Z-wave+ Shades


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Can you try changing the device handler to just a dimmer switch and then trying it?

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@ZebraBlinds, I was talking about the vid: addition to the device handlers. There should be a device class (prefixed by VID:) we can add to allow NewApp to recognize the custom DTHs

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I ordered 6 roller shades over the summer and am having the slow/stopping issue. Where do I sign up for the firmware update?

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Hey Austin, if you ordered from us please email support.

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I have a strange problem. I am trying to pair the Graber multi-channel remote (with the screen) to ST. I have reset the Z-Wave on the remote. I tap to “Learn” on the remote and put ST into pairing mode. The remote shows JOINING followed by " LEARN NODE xx" but the pairing process never completes on ST. Strangely, the Node xx keeps increasing in count. I don’t see the remote listed in ST devices in the IDE. Any thoughts? I don’t want to pull out a different remote for each shade.

EDIT: Nevermind. I pulled the batteries and it paired right up.

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Sorry I missed the Black Friday and Christmas deals. Any idea when such great deals will be offered again? I just discovered this and it is exactly what I am looking for.

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Right now it’s 34% with the coupon, but, if depending on the order size I might be able to increase it. Please create an account and configure the items and PM me the email of the account and I’ll see what we can do.

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Great informative thread. I have the z-flash upgrade kit. How can I get the firmware for my blinds?

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If they were purchased through us please reach out to support. If not PM me.


Hey, I have two Z-Wave blinds purchased from you… one 18 months ago (4951), one about six months ago (9053.) I discovered on getting the second blinds that they have slightly different Z Wave, but I don’t recall the details.

A few weeks ago, the newer blinds stopped responding reliably to Z Wave. Neither to the Virtual Cord remote nor to SmartThings. Initially I thought it was just the remote, so replaced that battery (Energizer CR2430)… no improvement. But I did discover that the blinds worked if I held the remote very close to them.

Strange. No new electronics in the home, nothing has touched the blinds, etc., and I’d figure moving them would take more battery than listening for Z Wave, and the other blinds are literally two feet away, with their own VirtualRemote, and those blinds are responding to both the remote and to SmartThings.

But… off to buy lithium AA batteries.

16 lithium AA batteries cost about $20. And that didn’t solve the problem either. Nor does reorienting the antenna.

SmartThings can’t seem to control the blinds, but it does seem to know what the VirtualRemote has made the blinds to (open or closed.) And the VirtualRemote needs to be within about a meter to control the blinds.

When I try to run SmartThings Z Wave Repair, I get “Network repair for Window Blind [15]: Failed to update route”… despite SmartThings being able to (sometimes) see the status and saying it saw activity a minute ago.

Why have my newer blinds gone hard-of-hearing, and how do I fix them?


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That goes into the list of an issue we haven’t seen before. Off the top of my head it could be a number of different things.

First thing I would do is a general exclusion of the shade so it’s out of SmartThings, then do a full reset. Once the reset is done pair the remote back to the shade, set up the limits again and see if you have the range issue with the remote. If you do, get in touch with support at support@zebrablinds.com with your order number and they will go from there.

If the remote works at range at this point, pair it back to SmartThings and see if you are still having issues.


Can you point me at, or summarize, the steps for a full reset and re-pairing the virtualcord remote please?



To clarify…
(1) SmartThings isn’t able to talk to it. So, as far as I can tell, I am not effectively “Excluding” it using the graph IDE.
(2) The manual doesn’t have a concept of “Full Reset”. There is “Network Reset”, “Factory Limits Reset” and “Local Reset.” All of which are for when the “network primary controller is missing or otherwise inoperable.”

Doing the Network Reset doesn’t seem to have helped.

I have followed both manuals…

  • Press headrail until flashes green/amber and then jogs. (Mine seems to give a flash of red at that point)
  • Double-tap (with a second in between) program button on remote (goes to green/amber flash)
  • Hold headrail until flashing green, release.
  • Shade jogs, confirming pairing.

This last step does not happen, we eventually get a red remote and such.

Other manual (and why oh why are there two ways)

  • Press program on remote for 15 seconds, through flashing green, flashing amber and flashing red, to no flashing.
  • Hold shade’s program button for seven seconds, to jog. (This takes about 15-20 seconds on mine, after going through several stages of flashing.)
  • Double-tap the remote’s pairing button to green/amber flashing
  • Hold shade’s program button for 3 seconds, to flashing green; release.
  • Shade should jog and all LEDs turn off.
    The shade does not jog at this point.

What we’ve accomplished through these is to make matters worse; the remote no longer controls the shade in any way (whereas before it sucked but I could hold the remote as high as I could and get it to work), and we don’t seem to have a way to make it do so. It really seems like the shade has gone deaf or none of the instructions are correct.

What should we try next?

(Neal (www.zebrablinds.com / www.zebrablinds.ca)) #456

In terms of the exclude I just wanted you to give it a run since you said sometimes you saw status updates from the shade in ST.

For the steps you can try do the following.

Reset the motor
Press and hold the button on the headrail until it goes from a solid green, to a flashing green to a flashing red (on rollers) or flashing amber (on cellulars) and finally there are no lights. The shade should jog twice as well when the entire thing is going on and takes 20 - 30 seconds.

Reset the remote
Press and hold the reset button on the back of the remote for approx 20 seconds. During this time the remote will go from solid green to flashing green to flashing red , faster flashing red and finally no lights.

Pair the remote to the shade

  1. Tap and release the program button on the back of the remote twice, the remote will alternate between green and amber flashes
  2. On the shade press and hold the program button for 3 seconds and release or release when the light on the shade is flashing green. After a few moments, the shade should jog and both the remote and shade should stop flashing. Now when doing this step, if you are having a range issue, stay as close to the shade as possible. If it connects just test the range and see if the shade responds at all the further you move. If it does, go to the next step, if it doesn’t we will need to get it warrantied most likely.

Adjust upper and lower limits

  1. Press the up button on the remote to move the shade as high as it will go
  2. Press and hold both the up/down buttons until the lights on the remote are a solid amber, and let go. The shade will jog.
  3. Now move the shade to where you would like your upper limit to be.
  4. Press and hold both the up/down buttons until the lights on the remote are a solid amber, and let go. The shade will jog.
  5. Press the down button on the remote to move the shade as low as it will go
  6. Press and hold both the up/down buttons until the lights on the remote are a solid amber, and let go. The shade will jog.
  7. Now move the shade to where you would like your lower limit to be.
  8. Press and hold both the up/down buttons until the lights on the remote are a solid amber, and let go. The shade will jog.
  9. Just check if the shades are moving in between both positions without issue.

If all of that works without issues you can pair it back to ST. Also before adding it back into ST, just force remove the shade if it’s still showing up in devices.


Thanks, Neil. With the reset, I’m again able to pair the remote… but the range issue is still there. So at least we can raise and lower it without the step ladder, but it’s pretty non-functional again.

I wonder if the antenna got disconnected inside it.

(Neal (www.zebrablinds.com / www.zebrablinds.ca)) #458

Not really something that can happen unless the motor took a tumble which it hasn’t. I’d be really interested in knowing what the cause is after having the motor examined. I believe support has gotten intouch with you to get warranty started. Please follow through on it and get back to them and they should take care of it from there.

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PM Sent. Thank you Neal!

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For anyone that’s been looking for additional deals. There’s a coupon going around for an additional 5 - 6% off + the SmartThings Coupon (you need to apply both). The additional coupon expires tonight.

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The Flash5Jan2719 coupon is not adding any savings to the SmartThings coupon for me.
When does the SmartThings 34% coupon expire?