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2018 - Current: Custom Graber Virtual Cord Z-wave+ Shades & Bali Autoview Z-wave+ Shades


(Neal ( / #401

Pressing and releasing the button on the motor would alternate it between up, stop or down. But based on what you are describing I think the motor needs to be replaced. If you contact our support team we should be able to get it warrantied.


My shades make that sound when it’s time to recharge the batteries (I use rechargeables). Make sure you’re using new batteries and they’re all providing power to the shade. I know you said you already replaced them, but it really sound like the motor is not getting enough juice.

( #403

Yeah, I felt the same thing…that’s why I replaced them. I’m going to try again…maybe the cartridge is bad. I’ll switch it with a known good one.

( #404

Sure enough, it was the battery cartridge. I am not sure what is going on with it, but it clearly isn’t giving enough power to the motor.

(Richard Wong) #405

@ZebraBlinds - I flashed my 15 shades. Inside the z-flash tool, the version was updated after flashing from 11.2 to 11.3. However, when I go back into Smartthings, it still shows “ver:11.02” like the Raw description. Is it correct? How can I be sure it was actually upgraded?

(Neal ( / #406

ST doesn’t show an updated version number unless you remove and then add the shade back. Homeseer is showing the correct version.

(Richard Wong) #407

Thanks. Still run into similar issues couple times after flashings. Any thoughts? @ZebraBlinds

(Neal ( / #408

Once flashed there shouldn’t be any further issues, you would be the first one.

First thing I would do is load up z–flash and count and make sure you have all 15 shades listed under devices and all of them are showing version 11.3. Some shades that might be transmitting through a repeater might not show up and require you to pair directly to the z-flash unit. Keep track of which ones are showing the behavior, I am almost a 100% certain it will be the same shades all the time in which case those haven’t been updated yet.

Also, the issue specifically is that when operating a group or sometimes a single unit as it moves it slows and stops while flashing a red light. With the new firmware, there will be a quick pause but it will resume on it’s way.

If it’s a case where they don’t move to begin with, that’s a z-wave network issue and the shades are dropping off the network when they sleep. You would need repeaters and need to do a z-wave repair, it’s not an issue with the shade.

(Richard Wong) #409

I will try to check everything again over the weekend. Thanks!

(Nate Schwartz) #410

@ZebraBlinds Hey neal wondering if you can provide me some support. I bought 10 of the z-wave roller shades a couple months ago and finally got them installed a few weeks ago. 8 of the 10 are working great, but 2 of them are giving me massive amounts of trouble and I am not sure what to try.

Basically, I have two that I can get them paired with ST, but they stop responding shortly thereafter. I would remove from ST and reconnect them and they worked for a bit. However, now no matter what I do they only open and close to about 10% or so. Even if paired to ST they only go down about 10%. I have tried fully resetting everything (holding down the button on the shade for I think 8s) and starting over, but that doesn’t seem to help. I thought maybe it was just an issue with the limits so I tried to adjust the lower limit, but now I cannot even get the remote to connect again. What do you recommend I do? Is this related to that firmware and would updating possibly fix it? I do have the z-wave stick and homeseer app to apply updates if needed. I appreciate the guidance.

(Neal ( / #411

A few things to check. First since you did mention they were dropping off, just check if the antenna is damaged in any way and if it’s within a valance just pull it out for a bit for testing; sometimes it makes all the difference.

Secondly how did you reset the shade?

And, in ST it shows that it’s staying at 10%? Or it moves only 10% and ST shows close?

I would contact support with your order number so we can trouble shoot it and proceed from there.

(Nate Schwartz) #412

I will check the antenna when I get home. There is a valence so maybe it got caught up in there. I will verify that.

I reset it by holding the button on the shade till the shade jogs ( I thought it was 8s but cannot remember at the moment).

In ST the shade shows closed despite only being about 10% closed.

I will contact support today. I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t doing anything crazy first. Thanks!

(Neal ( / #413

When resetting you need to hold it down until the shade jogs twice. So it will jog once, then wait a bit more and it will jog again. The lights will also go from Solid Green - Flashing Green - Flashing Red - Solid Red and finally no lights.

If ST is showing it as closed it seems more like a limit issue, but, before we even get to that, we need to figure out why it’s dropping off.

(Nate Schwartz) #414

Ok perfect. Maybe that is all it will take. I have not been holding it long enough to fully reset. Let me try that this afternoon and see what happens.

(Neal ( / #415

Also when you do a full reset, you will need to set the upper and lower limits again.

( #416

For anyone who has attempted the OTA beta firmware update, should I expect to see every one of my blinds in the z-flash utility? I have 22, but only 16 seem to show up in the list. That seems weird to me.


I cannot seem to get my Harmony Hub app to see my Graber Virtual Cord Shade (I have just one in my living room). I have a Samsung Smartthings hub and I can control the shade with no issues on my android device using the Samsung Smartthings app, along with a three button remote that came with the shade. But when I added Smartthings to my Harmony Hub under devices it does not show my shade. It pulled a ton of other stuff from the Smartthings I have no interest in controlling, like my Sonos speakers (seen as plugs).

(Neal ( / #418

@aniraf They might be behind repeaters, I’ve had luck just connecting the z-flash from different rooms and finding different devices. Worst case scenario would require finding which shades are not showing up and connecting them directly to Z-flash and updating, then rejoining them back to ST.

@psilver1 Not sure how the harmony hub works exactly, but, doesn’t it only control IR devices? So why would the z-wave shades showup in it? If someone else has more experience with it please feel free to jump in.

(Nathan Curtis) #419

Neal, it can control ZWave if he has the hub add on.

@psilver1 I’ll check my setup and see what it finds. I have a harmony and blinds.


I added Smart things to my devices in Harmony and the blinds show up under lights. I didn’t link all devices, only some ( I have a “shady” group for 3 blinds, but they also show up individually). I just have the regular hub, not the add-on with the z-wave radio. With my setup, I can control the blinds with the home button on the elite remote.
What device handler are you using? That might have something to do with them not showing up in the Harmony app.