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2018 - Current: Custom Graber Virtual Cord Z-wave+ Shades & Bali Autoview Z-wave+ Shades


(Russell Rhodes) #361

How do I send a direct message?

(Bryan) #362

Click on the account name to go to the profile page. There is a Message button at the top right of the page.

(Neal ( / #363

The remotes not working all the time is something I’ve never had a complaint about before. If you ordered through us can you send an email into or depending on where you purchased it from along with your order number?

(Neal ( / #364

Based on feedback received so far. Everything is looking good with the firmware. If you have one of these and are having the issue make sure the form is submitted and instructions to update will be sent at the end of next week.

Required kit to perform the upgrade:

On another note. SmartThings discount is 40% for the next 3 days. Just use the normal coupon: SmartThings

(Russell Rhodes) #365

Hmmm - missing for me!!

(Bryan) #366

Maybe try a different browser.


Thanks so much, Neal, for all of your efforts to get this corrected for the community at large! Just ordered the kit. Looking forward to getting this issue sorted.

(Mark) #368

The forum software doesn’t allow DMs until you’ve reached a sufficient trust level. Respond to a few more posts, like some posts, fill out your profile, etc.

(Brian Steere) #369

Do we need to buy the kit if we want the firmware upgrade? I thought ZebraBlinds was going to provide a way for their customers to update the firmware without needing to purchase anything.

(Neal ( / #370

We are, however, it also means you will be waiting a bit since we’re shipping a few kits around to customers and rerouting them as each customer is done. The process can take some time. If you don’t want to wait or you bought them from somewhere else, you can get the kit now. Also considering ST doesn’t allow z-wave ota right now, it is handy to have.

(Richard Wong) #371

Neal - I got a flash kit and ready to test out. What’s the process ?


Same here. Ready to go!

(Karen) #373

Hi Neal,

Can you clarify what you meant about SmartThings not offering Z-wave OTA right now? I am considering purchasing Zebrablinds shades and one of the things that interested me was the ability to connect to a hub without having to have a separate Somfy RTS connector plugged into an outlet – I thought the shades could connect directly to SmartThings. Did I misunderstand, or has that changed?



(Neal ( / #374

@richardw @sdjme Can you both pm me your emails, it will be a lot quicker that way. I’ll send the info over tomorrow once I receive the emails.

@kemcards By Z-wave OTA I mean Z-wave OTA Firmware updates for z-wave devices. Z-wave itself works as intended but smartthings currently does not support pushing firmware updates to z-wave devices. It’s only expected later this year or next year as far I am aware. The good news is that all current motors ship with the updated firmware so it’s not needed.


PM sent. Thanks, Neal!

(Richard Wong) #376

Same here. Look forward to it!

(Neal ( / #377

@sdjme @richardw First set of emails sent.

(Raj Srikrishnan) #378


I’ve run into a few interesting issues.

  1. Using ericvitale device handler, new Smartthings Connect app doesn’t connect to each shade (but they are still listed as devices in the hub)

  2. Using springs window fashions dh, the shades don’t seem to be known as a dimmer switch, which means things like Google home don’t see the shades at all. All routines which deal with the shades work fine, however. In addition, this allows connect app to see each shade fine

(Neal ( / #379

The new samsung connect app doesn’t support custom DH’s yet. Switch the DH to a dimmer switch (just the generic one available in the device type list) and it will work with the new app and google home (or it should atleast).

Or use the classic app for now.

(Russell Rhodes) #380

Tried that, said same thing. Forum admin said I was not a high enough trust poster yet.