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2018 - Current: Custom Graber Virtual Cord Z-wave+ Shades & Bali Autoview Z-wave+ Shades


(Neal ( / #341

Can you PM me your number? I’ll try giving you a call this week to see if we can try everything on the phone and just note down what happens. I think it might be easier.

(Neal ( / #342

Do you have one of these?

Will need it for testing.

(Neal ( / #343

Everyone who volunteered to test will receive an email from me within the next 72 hours with instructions. I just received the go ahead to proceed.

(Vinh Pham) #344

I don’t but have just placed an order with homeseer to get it!


(Russell Rhodes) #345

Once I find the PM button? Sorry, not intuitive!

(Vinh Pham) #346

Just got the HomeSeer Z-Flash Z-Wave Firmware Update Kit. Look forward to your email with the test instructions.


(David) #347

My Homeseer kit is ordered and should be here Friday! Looking forward to trying the new firmware!


Homeseer kit ordered :sunglasses:

(Neal ( / #349

@DeveloperDavid @jeremy_w can you pm me your email? Not sure which one you are from the forms, submitted. I am only emailing those who want to test so as to not confuse people.

(Richard Wong) #350

I submitted the form earlier, but didn’t get your email yet. Can you help checking? Thanks

(Neal ( / #351

Do you have the homeseer z-flash kit? This is only for those who currently have the hardware and wants to test right now.

( #352

I wanted to comment about my experience so far with 22 of these shades in battery operation. Generally, they run great. I have them scheduled for all different times and configurations. Every shade I have goes up and down at least once per day. That said, they are not without issue.

About 10% of the time I find a shade stuck in a 12-15% range. The shade no longer responds to commands unless I got into the app and drag the slider towards the 100% or 0% end (whichever it stopped closer to).

The two button remotes that come with the blinds are terrible. They work about 30% of the time for me, with some of them working far less frequently. If I want to use the blinds, I really need to have my phone handy.

The battery life seems fantastic, which was one of my major concerns. I just replaced my first set of batteries for the set of blinds I installed in March. That is nearly seven months of twice daily use. I used simple Energizer AA batteries for the first round, and am now testing the Amazon Basics AA batteries.

Overall I would give the product a B rating. It is also nice to see that Neal is so active on these forums! I can only hope these get better over time as it is absolutely fantastic to have my windows completely open during the day.

( #353

One more post, different topic. @ZebraBlinds, what device handler do you recommend? I’ve been using ericvitale/ST-Z-Wave-Shade because I like the battery status, but perhaps that is causing me issues?

(Richard Wong) #354

Not yet I will go get one!

(Nathan Curtis) #355

Not affiliated with Zebra but your issue sounds like the issue the firmware update being tested now is supposed to fix. Eric’s handler is awesome. And Shady is probably a must for you with 22 shades…

( #356

I couldn’t get Shady to work…that is the grouping one right?

(Lisa 262) #357

Hello- how might I get a copy of the new firmware? Thanks!

(Neal ( / #358

@aniraf What type of shades are they? Roller, solar, cellular, pleated, sheer or roman? The 2 button remotes when working through ST usually have a delay when you press a button but it should still work without issues. Have you tried running a z-wave network repair just to see if it’s a network issue?
For DH I personally use the the DH that you are using as well. It’s the one that works best for me.

Shady is the grouping one. Once you install shady you would open it up in the SmartThings app and define groups. For example I have one called All Shades, and then one for each room. Comes pretty handy.

@Lisa_262 It’s only if you are having issues with your roller or solar shades where the motor freezes after moving a bit and flashes a red light when you control groups or send a second command while the motor is already moving. There is a form a few posts up that you can fill in where once we confirm everything is good, we are helping our customers with the update. Even if you didn’t purchase through us fill it in and we will get back to you on how to proceed when it’s at that stage.

For everyone else I just received all the replies to my initial email for the beta testing with the info that I requested. You will receive a followup with instructions by tomorrow or Wednesday the latest.

(Lisa 262) #359

Neal, I’ve submitted the form and will be waiting for the update. Thank you!

( #360

@ZebraBlinds I have the roller shades, and quite a few of the dual shades. Every bedroom in the house has a sheer shade with a room darkening shade behind it.

The remotes are paired with ST, and do work with a delay (sometimes). I’ve done network repairs before, but they seem to lead to this weird issue where one of the remotes starts to control wildly different blinds. Perhaps I am using the wrong device handler?