2018/2015 Model Hub Firmware Release Notes - 0.35.04

I just got 0.35.04 and after the reboot my ecobee was reporting -500 temperature so I went to linked services and stepped through the ecobee service. It found my remote sensor and added it to my devices. Fantastic!

Now I await them turning on the local execution “feature flag”. :hugs:

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When is the beta finishing ? now that 35.04 has landed I am itching to try local processing

What are considered “Supported”?

Has anyone have any troubles with their Zigbee devices not working properly after this update?..I got a pair of Sonoff SNZB-03 motion sensors , both working fine until this update where one is not showing status but reflecting its online. The other one is working without any issues. At first it kept showing motion was being detected constantly, then I decided to “re-pair” it by resetting it and trying to add it back on…but no luck and its still not updating its status and still reflecting its online on the IDE and on the App…Interesting thing is that I have the battery removed from the device and its still showing online on the IDE website and the App. I have try this on my other devices and it shows offline when the power is off on the device. Just wondering if this is a “cloud” issue or something that I have to wait for it to resolve on its own (I hope…)

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I would agree and it’s very appreciated :slight_smile:


We are creating a web-based, rule building GUI that allows similar functionality to WebCore but based on Rule API. I’m not going to go into more details at this time since it’s still a PoC and needs additional development work, but it exists.

The functionality in the rule builder and near-term roadmap for the Rule API are based on an extensive metadata analysis of active WebCore pistons, an analysis of the core functional needs of the most popular SmartApps, and the feedback we’ve received from the community.

This is also in the works and will be made available before anything happens to WebCore. There will likely be some manual work involved for users (i.e. post the converted JSON to Rule API using the rule builder) but it is planned to be minimal and straightforward.


Great to hear that!

Somehow I had totally missed the beta? or example? whatever it is, as referenced in Adrian’s video that was posted yesterday, which is essentially what I was imagining.

Having some issues with the CLI, I’ll just blame that on my Windows being buggy, or a corrupt node.js install…, but not at all that I’m just a little confused…

Thanks for the info!

It’s similar to what Adrian showed but different. Intended to be more approachable than the CLI or using Postman + writing JSON, but still technical enough to allow for very complex automations. Have not had a beta yet. We’re still working through UX trying to strike the appropriate balance.


Sort of what I was imagining, and why I’m trying to play catchup on the Rules API, CLI etc… (to get rounded out a little)

I don’t think it is an overstatement to say it will put new life into the ST community. I know it has to be exciting on the ST team’s end to.

Oh that’ll do me. I’d much rather that than see an attempt to directly map webCoRE onto Rules. Also there are bits of webCoRE I’d happily see without a Rules equivalent.

Right now, I could just do with a YAML preprocessor, or something, so I don’t have to have UUIDs scattered throughout the rules.


This is the one I use now to convert some actions into JSON then add to the code I have already built in Postman.

I have seen/tried the ‘if then if’ combo but can’t see any ‘if then else if’… Do you know if the ‘else if’ is possible or will it be possible in the near future.

Another one I would really like to see is checking the time since the last trigger for example ‘if no motion in the last 5 minutes’.
I can see the loops using the ‘sleep’ function however this is not a true reading and can miss actions.

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Dear @blake.arnold and Smartthings Team, please take a consideration about ADT TOOLS 2 Smart App by @Mavrrick58, this is the only way to stay full and functional connected to ADT/ST Panel, even its not considered for firmware updating since ago, its a really reliable hub, when other standard HUB v3 users have reported intermittent faults, ADT/ST stays working as a swiss clock, really great device and connection with ADT/ST, Samsung and other branded devices is very stable, but with out great ADT Tools 2 App all this will be lost. This great hub its a true sample that an DIY automation is possible with the best possible results. Thanks in advance for this consideration.

Carlos, a very happy Smartthings, ADT/ST and Sharptools user.

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i think they are done with that one.

This firmware update caused the Virtual Switch(s) to start triggering twice for either On/On or Off/Off when they were switched once via an Automation. I resolved it by rebooting the SmartThings Hub and now the Virtual Switches are just triggering and logging once for On or Off.

However, I’m noticing that any Scene I have setup as an action for an Automation is logging that the Scene is being executed multiple times. Anywhere from three to four times the Scene activation is being logged that it was executed. I’m guessing that it started after this latest firmware update maybe.

How come simulated switches are cloud based?
why cant the hub handle them locally?

The Simulated Switches probably predate local execution of handlers. They are for simulating the behaviour of actual hardware switches in testing so include things like physical on/off and online/offline. I doubt it was ever intended they be used in production environments.

ST met demand for a stock virtual switch that can run locally with the Virtual Switch DTH. Yes they chose to allow it to behave in a stateless fashion but that makes it more useful, not less. Virtual Switches based on that handler can be the wrong solution if you use them in a stateless mode but process them as if they always change state. You can easily get infinite loops that way.


I’ve not really paid attention until I was looking for local executions, but is this normal for the Smartenit switches to be showing online, considering none of them are currently connected to power and sitting in a box?

I have been anticipating this and the reason why I am not planning to jump ship. These “growing” pains haven’t really caused much fuss on my end. I have faith in ST!

Thanks for giving us this bit of info. I know as far as I’m concerned, it’s much appreciated.


Yes it is. The device handler hasn’t requested the status of the device be tracked so the hub status is being used instead.


Thanks for the answer, OB. I found myself trying to remember if they had batteries in them… Can’t remember if generic switch handler controls both relays, or not, but it’s a good time to test that.