2017 6 series Tv Smartthings controler

@vlad or any other st staff member
As is well documented on the site Classic St lost Tv integration a few months ago but Smartthings gained it for a while with a full featured controler, as the connect updates have rolled out the smartthings Tv controler has resorted back to a controler version that has no Tv control apart from native Samsung Phone options
We all know things are in development but the Smartthings controler which is now gone was very useable and looked finished
Will the full featured controler with Smartthings be coming back or has it been pulled for good ??

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I believe the controller varies with the model of TV and region you are in.

Here is a 2016 Series 7 TV in the SmartThings app for a US Samsung account:

That’s just a wifi remote. Doesn’t work with smartthings. They broke integration 6 months ago and still haven’t fixed it

It’s a cloud-to-cloud device and you can create automations in the SmartThings app. There is a known issue with automating turning TVs on so you are unable to do that at this time. You can automate the following functions: Off, Mute, Change Source, Change Picture Mode, and Change Sound Mode.

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Thanks for the replys guys
A little History but i really dont want the thread to turn into another huge Tv thread as we already have those on the forum
My Tv is a UE65KU6020KXXU which was purchased in 2017 brand new, the original Fw allowed for excellent control of all relevant controls inc on/off from within Smartthings classic
Auto Tv Fw updates removed the smartthings classic integration ( documented on the site by me and many many others )
Current FW 1208.2
Samsung connect allowed basic control of the Tv, Samsung connect updated and included a full featured controler very similar to Brads images above and as stated the ON command had a glitch but at least we had some control return
For whatever reason whilst the full featured controler was available in connect, smartthings classic auto populated with the 2017 Tv controler and gave basic control of the Tv although ON was still not working, a further update to conect then removed the full featured controler for the Tv leaving just the image below
I have uninstalled/installed the Tv controler from smartthings countless times but each time the full featured controler fails to appear
I would understand if my Tv was not compatible in some way but as i have seen and used full control from both apps in the past only to have it removed it is frustrating, i am trying to figure out if i have a software bug, maybe the controler is being updated so removed until ready or it has been removed by someone who absolutely hates Tv control from a phone ???
Ignore NOT AVAILABLE the Tv is currently off but if its on it is the same as Brads image above, the full featured controler is gone and that is all i see

Ok i thought i did, i have screen caps of what i had previously in November inc the controler version, the following images and controler are now no longer available

The Tv firmware has changed since this working controler which is shown to have been working, will control of the Tv return ??

What is frustrating Smartthings at present allows for add device, the Tv is found but controler fails because the current Tv firmware is not compatible
if i search the dbase within ( add device ) and select my Tv the prompt that appears says install the latest firmware on your Tv and try again…
inconsistancies abound but it would be really nice to know if we will ever get Tv control back using the latest Tv fw and Smartthings (Beta) (Old conect) (Voldermort)
The Tv arm of Samsung is notoriously fragmented and getting a concrete answer is just not possible ( which i fear the most )

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Are there any updated status with the integration with smartthings and the older model Samsung TVs.

Lol. Don’t hold your breath

Tv integration working

It’s not working unless you’ve been migrated (which I haven’t) and even then, you can’t turn it on. Which means it STILL isn’t working.

The only thing left to correct is the on function all other functions now operate perfectly well
No idea if migration is the reason it now functions but as development work continues on all aspects more and more devices will start working as expected.
No doubt in due course yours will work as well

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Any idea on when migration will be complete? I have not been migrated yet and it seems that is the key to getting at least most of the functions of the TV back on smartthings.

Interestingly, Smartthings CAN turn the TV On… Try the following;

Open the ST Classic app and go into the TV Thing
Turn the TV OFF using your REMOTE
Now, in the ST Classic app, turn it back on. It should switch on.

This isn’t a fix for anything and now the opposite problem will be true, you won’t be able to turn OFF the TV lol

Wow. Now i can turn TV on with smartthings app and off too. But i have to push button for turning on twice.