Can't control Samsung Series 6 in SmartThings

I have a Samsung Series 6 75" TV.

I’ve connected it to SmartThings.

The tile on the SmartThings app shows me the TV.
It says that the TV is on.
When I click on the tile, it shows me the controls, but they are all greyed out.
It then tells me it cannot connect to the TV.

My phone and TV are on the same wireless network.
My TV is logged into my Samsung account.

Any ideas?

Thanks so much!

Model # and year?

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Series 6 is no longer supported.

Got it. It is an older TV. Thanks Troy.

Youre welcome. I had one of these… Bought in 2016 and was by far the best samsung tv Ive had to date…better than my current q70s but Samsung killed its normal integration wirh ST in 2019, just after 3 years and forced it to a LAN only integration where its functionality was cut to only being able to turn it off (not on)and change volume and channels. Its totally ridiculous. My feeling is when you spend nearly $1000 on an item, it should be supposed for at least 10 yrs.

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