2016 Honda Pilot app

(Jason) #1

Can anyone create a smart things app to go into the Honda Pilot radio? The Honda Pilot radio is full Android base radio. I would love to make that a presence, so when I get close to the house my garage door can open without using the little fob presence device. Or if I can do automations from in the car.

BMW Connected/SmartThings iOS?
(Paul Haskins) #2

IS it a phone as well? Or Wifi? How would it communicate it’s presence?

(Michael Hess) #3

I use Life360 on my phone, and a few pistons in CoRE with a contact sensor (optional) to achieve this. Works well, when Life360 is working correctly at least.

(Jason) #4

The car is just a radio, but I do have it connected to my wifi in my house.

(Jason) #5

A good example would probably be the BMW radio. It has Smart Things built into their radios.

Here is a link to a youtube video.

(Chris) #6

HOW DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS??? Going to try this right now! :scream:

(Chris) #7

Seems like the iOS version isn’t supported yet? I could only find information about the Android one. My main phone is Android, but I have an older iPhone that I keep connected to the car for music streaming.

(Jason) #8

I have an Android phone, and the phone works well, I just want someone to try to create an apk install file that I can install in my Pilot’s radio for it to use my smart things routines. I think I might be able to get by using the tiles from the web browser in the car… but an app would be super cool.

(Chris) #9

Maybe try something like this?

(Jason) #10

Thanks I found the apk file for Smartthings hub, I’m going to try to install it. I’ll let you know if that works or not.

(Brian Diehl) #11

Other options would include something like using Automatic (which has been integrated by @yvesracine and can be integrated for a cost: [RELEASE] Automatic Connected Car- Integration with SmartThings), Dash (which has an IFTTT channel and the device options are cheaper than automatic, but it does have a delay with IFTTT), or using your router to determine that a specific device connected (if you have a router you can do that with) since you mentioned that the Pilot is connected to your home WiFi.

Here are a few links regarding the router method.

(Jason) #12

It didn’t work… bummer!!