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(Feature Request) Android auto integration

I have a z-wave garage door opener (GoControl) and would like to be able to push a button on my stereo to open the garage door. I sometimes park outside and would like to not have the garage door opener left in the car and I don’t want to have to remember to take it with me. I know that with google home I can not have google open and close the garage door but if the smartthings app worked within Android Auto kinda like waze, spotify, pandora, ect. work within Android Auto and are not linked through google home. Just a button for certain routines would be great.

That way you can create a routine that’s called open garage door that will open the garage door and turn on the lights in the garage. This would also be useful for people that don’t have a garage you can do the same thing if you have a smart lock for your front door.

And since Android Auto runs on you phone and not your car stereo, the screen is just projected on to the stereo if you car gets broken into they can not get into your house, as long as you don’t leave you phone in your car.


Couldn’t you create a ST routine that opens the door and just trigger by voice via the Google Assistant?

Well you can use Tasker w/ android auto but IDK about
@joshua_lyon is this possible w/ sharptools?

It’s really more of a Tasker question. :grin:

If you can trigger Tasker actions from Android Auto then you can use that to run SharpTools Tasker plugins to control devices in SmartThings.

I did a search of the Play Store and didn’t find a Tasker compatible Android Auto plugin. A quick Google search found this Tasker plugin on XDA where the guy was doing exactly what OP wants - controlling their garage door via Android Auto. From what I can tell, it sounds like Google changed something with a recent Android Auto update and this plugin doesn’t work anymore though.

I have tried this in the past and it worked but they must of changed it on smartthings end or Google’s end because for security reasons you can no longer control garage doors using Google home to ST.

I don’t have an automated lock or garage door, but maybe a virtual switch to trigger webcore?

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But since you have your phone with you, why don’t you add a shortcut (Smartapp widget) on your phone homescreen that maps a routine as someone said above. That’s what I have and it is pretty single click action.
I doubt you would get any benefit to get that in Android auto.