How to get rid of ghost scenes

i have ghost scenes. i notice that i had blank scene icons on the dashboard. if i go to edit scenes or add scenes they don’t appear there. where they appear is editing the dashboard.

how do i remove these?

see the blank icons:

it is the bottom two, all lights on/off:

Don’t show up in edit, so can’t delete:

have you tried signing out/in? or uninstalling/reinstalling the app? just note: either will cause your dashboard to rearrange. i am not sure this will result in successful removal of those ghost scenes but worth a shot.

if that fails, contact ST support.

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what happens if you press on the ghost scenes on the dashboard for a few seconds… does a screen pop up that lists Edit and Hide?

i get the edit/hide… if i try editing and saving i get network error. but can hide from dashboard…

also the fix did not fix devices not available to scenes and automations… random stuff is not available, like locks are missing from my goodbye scene. that is rather important to me…

brand/model of the lock(s) and device handler used for them?

yale locks, using rboys device handler.
i have random lights not available as well, so i don’t believe the device handler is the problem.
i have a lot of devices, my guess is the discovery routine doesn’t complete before the list finishes populating… so most likely is server side software issue.
i got rid of the ghost scenes by logging out…