2 devices with same IR remote code

I don’t have a very complicated setup but I’m running into an annoying issue.

Samsung TV
ZVOX Soundbase 350
Roku Ultra
Formuler Z7+ (Android box)

The ZVOX and the Z7+ appear to use the exact same remote codes. For example the keypad up on the Formuler Z7 remote changes the surround sound modes (toggles between sd 1, sd 2, sd3). Then the left arrow toggles output leveling on and off.

I contacted ZVOX and they had me try some things but nothing worked.

Then a bought a Harmony 665 and same issue.

I’m not quite sure what to do here to make this work. Should I get a different Harmony with a hub and IR blasters? I’m also thinking about just returning the Z7+.

Unless you can make one device’s IR code set different from the other, the IR blasters in the Harmony won’t fix the issue. I don’t own one, but it appears that the Soundbase 350 can ‘learn’ IR codes to activate its functions. I found this: https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/81wD1dkVs4L.pdf . The relevant stuff is on the third page. Looks like you can use whatever IR remote you have to customize the way it responds to IR codes (maybe somehow it learned those from your Android box??)

If you only have one remote device, the IR blaster’s won’t help because IR is not sent to a specific end device… It’s just released into the room. So any device in range will receive the codes even if you are intending them for a different device.

If you can’t change the codes on either device, You would have to get two different remotes, each with an IR blaster, Then put each device into a glass case (IR doesn’t go through glass) With an IR blaster from one remote, then send the instructions from the assigned remote. The glass would protect the other device from receiving the codes and the IR blaster would get the code inside the glass case to the device you were trying to reach. But it sounds like a lot of trouble. :thinking:

I actually ended up buying a (refurb) Harmony Elite and returned the 665. I put the IR mini blaster on a 2nd shelf in front of the Z7+ and assigned the hub to only send to port 1. This seems to work without interference for the navigation buttons. I started getting interference when I hit volume down so I changed it so it sends ZVOX commands through the Harmony hub only. Thought this would fix it, but it didn’t so I guess the Z7+ is getting IR from the Hub even though it’s on a different shelf?

I’ve got the same problem, I’ve got two Apple TV 4s in the front Room. One is for my projector and the other is for the tv.
The remotes that come with the Apple TVs work only on the device they came with, but my harmony remote controls them both at the same time and I can’t work out how to get it to only the one I want to use?)

Looks like somebody worked out how to do it (change the ID of one of the remotes and pair that remote to one of the Apple tv’s). As explained in the following article you’ll have to teach the Harmony every button code on the remote with the new ID in order to work the 2nd Apple TV. Tedious but it should work.


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Thanks, I’ll take alook

Nor every device can have the IR code changed particularly for an Android box. You may have a better luck to change the IR code of the sound bar. Harmony may help after you change the IR code, if possible, on one of the device as the old remote control may not work afterward. Anyway, it may be cheaper to replace the Android box than getting a Harmony remote. Any thought on getting the nVidia Shield?

Too late. Bought a used Harmony elite. I’m using the android box for IPTV so I think the Shield is a bit overkill for my needs. I have a Roku also for other stuff like Netflix etc.

I contacted ZVOX and they didn’t help really. Tried a few things but it didn’t seem like there was a way to change the IR code.

Only issue I"m having is the one I mentioned above with the volume down button. I think next thing I"m going to try is the precision IR blasters.