IR Transmitter for TV/Audio/Fan/etc

Hello everyone,
I been looking for a solution to control all my IR device with Zwave. Like my Fan, Portable Heater, TV, Audio System, etc…
So far from all the research, everyone is using the iTach or looked into ZXT-120 which is only for AC… but seems like no one looking into the Remotec ZXT-310. (

It is said that it is designed specifically for AV use.
Anyone has any experience with it?
Thank you!

Did you look at Logitech Harmony? I think they also support IR devices outside of AV .

Thanks for the Suggestion Ashutosh.
I checked out the Logitech Harmony, it seems alot more advance then what I am looking for.
I was hoping to have a programable IR blaster / extender, that allows me to use my cell phone to control ON/OFF through Zwave. like my portable heater, turn off my TV if I forgot after I left my home, etc…
is the Logitech Harmony allows me to do that? Any suggestion will be appreciated!
Also, anyone checked out the Remotec ZXT-310?
It seems very useful, but I cannot find any review, info, or where to purchase on the internet, very odd.

Yes, Logitech definitely helps you do that. I had assumed that you already had SmartThings Hub. If not, then SmartThings Hub with Logitech Harmony Home will be an amazing combination. You can control ZWave Devices, Zigbee Devices, LAN Devices, Cloud 2 Cloud Devices and IR Devices (Through logitech which actually falls under Cloud to Cloud).

I’ve been looking at the Xiaomi Universal IR Remote Controller, although it looks like it’s something very obscure, it uses a proprietary Android App that is written in chinese with a half assed translation somewhere.

The idea of having one of these little devices in each room and controlling all the IR capable devices around is very interesting, although someone would have to reverse engineer the app or the protocol.

Are looking to control IR device “with ZWave”, or via actually just your phone (at home only), or specifically via SmartThings…
These all have different solutions depending on the answer…
You really don’t want to control these via ZWave, you probably want to use SmartThings (which you then will use your phone) to control.
If SmartThings can talk to Harmony then that is a good solution…
However verifying that interface is easier said than done.
Some of these Cloud to Cloud solutions are overestimated in their capabilities and features.

Personally, I use Roomie Remote software for iOS and iTach IR hardware to automate my AV setup.
I do NOT have SmartThings integrated with it.
Using the Roomie Remote is good enough for me.
However if there was code written for SmartThings to talk to the iTach via TCPIP, that would be cool!

I am using my Harmony Home Hub to control my entertainment devices and my IR tower fan. With integration with SmartThings, when I power on my tv in my bedroom at night, it also powers on my fan (this is done in Harmony by having the hub learn my IR commands manually). When I power off my TV (the Harmony Activity ends), I use a Smartthings Logitech smartapp that starts my Fan Activity (My wife and I like the white noise when we sleep).

Harmony might not be perfect, and I do encounter bugs and issues once in awhile, it’s very affordable ($150 for the Home Hub with Regular Remote) and has integration with a ton of HA partners. I couldn’t find an affordable alternative that does all of this.

  • 1 for the Harmony!

Before I moved I used it to control my cheap Hong Kong IR RGB GU10 down lighters (£3 each) in the bedroom.

I had to program the hub to recognize the IR signals but once it got them, it worked perfectly every time!