Anybody have equipment capable of learning/exporting an IR code, help please?

So I’ve been trying to get my old school Commercial Electric IR light dimmer, an old home depot branded product to be controlled via ST. I thought I found the android app that can do this for me but the code in their database doesn’t work with my dimmer so… my next option is to see if someone is capable of learning it from the Harmony database and export it to something I can import on the android app Smart IR Remote. It can take a LIRC file or a Pronto format file.

Thanks in advance.

ZXT-120 is the closest I can think of; it’s target at a/c units, but it does have a “learning mode”. No idea if it would work in your case though.

The harmony learn mode would need the remote for the light… Also i’m not aware of an export feature in harmony.

Have you tried sites like ?

Some phones also have IR learning capability,but again I don’t know if they would be able to export that code -

I have it working in the harmony but have no way of exporting out of their system, it’s like hotel california lol.

The Smart IR Remote can record IR on the HTC One M7 and M8 phones.

I think some of the Samsung phones can too, but again there is probably no way to export the data… At least not that I know of.

As @minollo suggested the Zxt-120 may work, If not Amazon has a good return policy -

I will be following this thread as i’m interested in if there is an easy way to do the same thing.