Challenge integrating Logitech Harmony Hub with Samsung Smartthings

I have an Eero router. My Smartthings Hub is wired and the Harmony Hub is connected to 2.4 GHz. I had routine set up to play music and display chrome cast photos on my Projector. This was nice, but not cost efficient as my Projector bulb change has been accelerated. I disconnect my Logitech hub from my Smartthings App, but I cannot add it back, as it is not seeing it. I think it is because my Hub is connecting to an unknown ssid (for some reason my screenshot is still in review); however, the Harmony activity continues to run!!

Any help I can get would be appreciated. Here is the screen shoot of the “Discovery Loop”



Try this

Yup. worked. Here is what i posted in Logitech forum:

Here is the fix I encountered for those with the same problem. I:

Refreshed my Wi‑Fi network connection using the desktop software here:
Contacted Samsung Smartthings and had them delete my Logitech Harmony Hub from my account.

After that I was able to see my Hub connecting to my Eero Router as well as add my Hub and associated activities to the smartthings.

Thanks for your response.

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