Logitech Hub able to see ST but ST blind to Logitech

I have tried to connect my Logitech hub to ST and it continues to fail me. ST chat and tech support are of no help because this integration is not supported… Yet the possibility of having Logitech Activities triggered by Motion and Temp Sensors is too enticing!

I connected my account in the marketplace, but the minute try to do anything it tells me Discovery is started, and then below my connection to the hub is timed out. I can control ST switches; however in my logitech App. What am I missing?

I have removed and reconnected Logitech over 20 times and there is no progress. ANY help would be appreciated

reboot your harmony hub and re-try as soon as the harmony comes back online (green LED). I found that I needed to do that to get the discovery to work.

OK, let’s try this. Of course, nothing may come out of my attempt to help. Remove the Logitech smart app for the 21st time. Once it it removed, login to your IDE and check to make sure it is cleared out of the “my smartapps” section. In your ST app, click on “Add a Thing”, then choose “Add Device Manually”. Click on the SmartThings Labs tab, choose “Logitech Harmony Home Hub (Labs)” and connect now to your Logitech account. Once authenticated, click on the Automation tab and go into the SmartApps section (not the marketplace one), open the Logitech Harmony (Connect) app. See if it discovers your Harmony Hub.

Hope this help! If not, maybe another user will have the answer you seek.

Also ensure you updated the firmware on your Harmony Hub to the latest version.

Thanks for the New Year’s Eve replies. I found the answer here
Right before i left for the evening with family.

I had an old Harmony Hub set up that I have not used since I moved. Once I got the courage to delete that, ST was able to link my Logitech properly, and I can see that activities. Today I will try to automate my Dyson per the article here