Happy Holiday Weekend! 🍁 🇺🇸 ActionTiles Coupon Code for 20% off License

###Happy Holiday Weekend! Coupon Code for 20% off ActionTiles License

Firstly, celebrating Canada Day :maple_leaf: July 1st!
and then USA Day … ok… Independence Day :us: July 4th!

###All expired “free-trials” have been reset!
If you tried ActionTiles in the past, now is a chance to try again for a few days, and save 20% too!

##Use coupon code: JUSD-20p

  • 20% off the Affordable ActionTiles License for one SmartThings Location (Hub), in our store at:

:arrow_right: https://www.ActionTiles.com/shop

Don’t forget to enter the Coupon Code JUSD-20p in your Cart before the Checkout Page.

*Coupon expires end of July 5th, 2017. Limit 2 Licenses per Customer. Cannot be combined with other offers.

We’re proud of various recent improvements, and certainly have more to come…

Please read our latest Release Notes at:


Arrrrgh. I just missed this by two hours! [facepalm]

Same here :-1: