15%, 33%, 100% off: ActionTiles Cyber Monday Sale!

ActionTiles: 15% to 33% off … chance of 100% off!

per Location (Hub) “Value License”. Normally $28.99 USD.

Use one of these 2 Coupon Codes on checkout page:

  • :point_right: CMBIG33P
    to get 33% off the regular price. No contest entry.


  • :point_right: CMLUCKY15P
    to get 15% off and be entered into a 1 in 7 chance of your purchase being FREE :arrow_right: 100% Off!
    (i.e., If you are one of the lucky winners, your purchase will be refunded back to your Credit Card). Maximum 2 free Licenses per Customer. Refunds will be posted to credit cards within 10 business days. Not responsible for any foreign exchange processing fees that some Banks might not refund.

Cyber Monday Deals expire end of Monday November 27, 11:59pm PST.


sweet! I needed to buy it anyway!

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I got my 15% off!


“Blood on The Tracks” my favorite Dylan album!

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FYI, picked this up. Really excited. Email verification is a little slow at the moment… about 20 minutes. no big deal.

Thanks for (trying to) explore ActionTiles!

Our authentication service is provided by Google to ensure high security.… We never see or store passwords and we can’t even reset a lost/forgotten password: We can only trigger an email from the service to the Account owner. That’s why email address is used as the Login ID… And why it must be verified prior to access.

The service ran into trouble a couple weeks ago with their outgoing email routing… various email providers do anti-spam validations, etc., and Google did not handle certain exceptions / requirements in a bunch of different scenarios. For example, many email servers will briefly reject all incoming mail in order to slow down bulk spamming. This is called “gray listing”. In turn, legitimate emailers are supposed to retry, … and so on.

However, Google claims they fixed the problem(s).

But, it’s becoming obvious that they haven’t really gotten it as cleared up as they thought! Maybe as many as 1% of emails are delayed for 1 hour or more, which us really unacceptable.

We will escalate this, but expect that it will take a while for them to acknowledge it and resolve, because it is so sporadic.

What can you attempt to workaround?

  • Consider using or registering again with a Gmail account as it is slightly less likely to experience this.
  • Or try again with an email Alias (eg me+at@domain.com). Not every domain supports aliases. See our FAQ on http://support.actiontiles.com

If you miss an opportunity to purchase at a discount during a promotion or coupon validity period (due to this specific problem) please email Support@ActionTiles.com


Picked up a license. I’ve been using the old app for a while now but thought that it wouldn’t hurt anything to upgrade to the new platform.

Thanks for the rollback!

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Thanks for the response. I was just being a bit too quick with things. :wink: Waiting a few minutes and saw it come in. Testing on an old Tegra 3 based tablet isn’t really working out though I don’t think it’s fault of Action Tiles at all. Looks like a couple of Fire Tablets are in my future for ‘controllers’.