ZWN-RSM2-PLUS and Multi Channel App

Greetings everyone!
I haven’t posted much as I have a basic setup and it’s been working fine but starting to expand things a little.
I installed one of these relays to control 2 switches. The switches work fine, Samrtthings recognizes the zwave multi channel device but will only turn the first device on/off. I install the multi-channel app and the 2 endpoints how up. This were things stop really working, both endpoints are stuck at ‘on’. Endpoint 1 will toggle the light on channel 1, but it goes back to on and will not do anything else with that light. Channel 2 will not work at all. Any suggestions? I’ve seen a couple of handlers written but are all a couple of years old and not sure if they are still needed with the multi-channel app or just something I may doing. Any input appreciated! Thanks!