Multiple Child version of Vision In Wall Z-Wave Micro Switch, 2 relay/ZWN-RSM2

I was having trouble with reliability of the commonly used device type for this relay and the virtual switch binder:

Since it’s a pretty simple project, I decided to get my feet wet with programming in SmartThings and reinvent that wheel and get a handler that works exactly how I want in the process. Take it for what it is: a dip in the shallow end. It seems to work reliably though and gives some nice control over the relay.

Most cues were taken from the simulated refrigerator and the z-wave samples in the docs. Hopefully nothing is too far off of good.

Main device

Child relay

I’m not sure how to get this to automatically associate with newly found devices or how to test that.

Feedback appreciated.

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In case it helps anyone with their projects, I made this simulated power strip first to make sure things were going right. It’s not perfect but might be a useful starting point.