Zwave wall switch suddenly offline

A reboot of my hub tonight resolved all of my offline switches.


So, hub update on 12/09 10:00 PM MST

Last Activity At 2017-12-09 9:57 PM MST
Date Created 2015-11-08 8:28 AM MST
Last Updated 2017-12-10 5:24 PM MST


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One of my Cooper wall plug zwave device went unresponsive last night. That caused the entire zwave network to be so laggy. Only way to recover was to turn off the circuit breaker. I wish they make air-gap switch for these.

This happens all the time. Mostly switches drop off, but sometimes other devices. Usually happens when the power blinks.

The Replace function usually brings the switch back, however, it has been crashing on all my iOS devices so I’m slowly loosing command of my switches. Hopefully ST will have an updated app soon!

For how long have you been experiencing this? It has never happened to me and I have been using Smart Things for a few years now. This is my first occurrence. I have over 30 devices and they never did this before.

Ron, echo that issue, I have one switch that falls off at least once a month, and can be fixed.
However the APP Crash is new… 12/9 Hub update is the tie in.


I’ve had the ST System for a couple of years. It has happened from day one. It was a real pain before they added the Replace command, you had to delete the device and add it back, losing all of the automation and interfaces with other programs.

I can’t put my finger on what causes it, but we get a lot of thunderstorms in the summer and the power blinks. I have to run the Replace command a lot of times just to get ST automation working again.

ST is not 100% but it is the best out there.

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Interesting data point. Are they all hard-wired switches? Brand?

My switch in question is a Zooz, hard-wired, in wall. Only one of its type at that house. All other lighting is controlled by pocket sockets, one a pocket dimmer. I’m away from that location now and am thinking how to best troubleshoot it when we return later this week. Last winter when it happened SmartThings Support wasn’t helpful. I did a ‘replace’ on my own & it was fine until now. (This time, I’m trying a power cycle first: both the switch & hub, separately.) @TheSmartestHouse Support is in the loop this time, hinting it might not be the switch itself…

My other location has three hard-wired dinners and three hard-wired fan controllers, all GE/Jasco. None have ever fallen off the Z-Wave network in two years. One major difference: I have an external power switch that reboots the hub every night! This was because I previously had a hub bricked by a pushed firmware update & I am away from that location for about 6-7 months each year, with no kids I can call on to go in and kick things for me. It would be expensive, not to mention aggravating, to be forced to travel 1500 miles to fix my climate monitoring system!

Don’t know if the reboot every night is keeping the Z-Wave network intact (it shouldn’t need to!) or the particular switch or brand, or another factor…

The hub with all the switches that hasn’t failed is in Florida, with lots of summer thunderstorms. The failing switch is in New England, where there is less lightning. Just a data point…