Zwave plus electrical outlet won't stop clicking

We use a zwave plus electrical outlet as a repeater. We turned off power to 2 circuit breakers to do some light electrical work. It started clicking. We turned the circuit breakers back on. This electrical outlet is still continuously making a clicking sound. It still works as an electrical outlet. We pushed in the middle button on it. That didn’t silence the clicking. How do we make it stop making the clicking noise?

Brand/model of the outlet?

I would contact the manufacturer support for whoever makes that particular device, but it sounds like it has shorted out and so it is continually turning itself off again as a safety feature.

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I’m 90% sure it’s this: GE Z-Wave Plus White Tamper Resistant Recessed Smart Outlet

If thats the case its the click of death, contact GE to see about a replacement.

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Thank you to everyone. This topic can be closed, and I will now try to close it.

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