Zwave or Zigbee multi-plug?

I have a bit of a tall order here. Looking for a Zwave or Zigbee (doesn’t matter) device that controls at least two, but ideally 3 or more plugs individually. In other words, a double plug or power strip.

I’m aware of the Aeon and Zooz power strips, but they are either discontinued or too expensive ($70+). I’m looking to keep this under $35 USD and controllable directly with ST or at least via IFTTT. Is that unrealistic? The cheapest I’ve found so far has been this Zooz dual outlet, but I would prefer something even a bit cheaper if possible- maybe a wifi smart power strip that is IFTTT compatible…

What I’m trying to do is create smart fragrances for my home- i.e., a certain scent in the evening, a certain one in the morning. I’m planning to use glade-type air fresheners that I fill myself plugged into the switch that will be for day, night etc. If anyone has a better idea other than the ultra-expensive Aera or Moodo, let me know. As you can see, I’m too cheap to use the off-the-shelf solutions.

@thesmartesthouse has them on sale at the moment; you’d still need two but your options that I can think of are two of these, the power strips you mentioned, or 3 or more individual Peanut plugs or other cheap sockets.


Right now $35 is a tiny bit too low of a target for 3 controllable plugs that work directly with SmartThings. WiFi plugs are much cheaper, but aren’t directly controllable.

Cheapest ones I’ve seen are the peanut plugs. They’d total $39 which is pretty close to your target.

Maybe someone else knows of cheaper ones?

Right now the cheapest plug in either the US or UK is the IKEA Tradfri zigbee plug. $9.99 in US and £9.99 pounds in the UK. Works well with smartthings and is a good zigbee repeater, but it’s just a single on/off pocket socket.

Product description will say you need their gateway, but you can use the smartthings hub instead. Some of the initial reviews were really low because people were expecting it to work with HomeKit like the rest of the tradfri line, and it doesn’t yet. But looked at just as a zigbee device, it’s fine.

Alternative: Echo as a “man in the middle”

Alternatively, any device that works in an Alexa routine (not a smartthings routine) can now be controlled from smartthings. Setup is a little bit complicated, but after that it works fine. :sunglasses:

So if you can find a Wi-Fi power strip that shows up in an Amazon routine, you can use that. Or individual pocket sockets.

See the FAQ (this is a clickable link)


Or, yeah, you could just Google the Wi-Fi strips that work with IFTTT. Like this:

By the way, separate from the device selection, heated oils are a huge fire safety issue if you don’t follow the instructions exactly. They will have to be vertical, not horizontal. They should not be used with extension cords of any kind. You should not put multiples right next to each other. So The IKEA single sounds like the safest approach if you can position the diffuser vertically with it.

Had no idea those were so cheap. Learned something new. I’d rather pay $13 for the smaller peanut plug, though.

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Choice is good. :sunglasses:

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I had issues with a Peanut plug. The hub no longer sees it. Somebody else with the same issue?