Best Plug/Outlet for SmartThings in 2021

Looking to replace a handful of really old Leviton smart plug (those that plug into a traditional outlet) and was curious who has had luck with a really reliable replacement lately? I know the manufacturers tend to change product (and companies) quite a bit. All I care about is basic on/off control and maximum compatibility with ST.

There’s no one “best“ because different people have different priorities, preferences, and budgets. Just as one example, someone might want only Zigbee devices because they need more Zigbee repeaters. And these days features can vary quite a bit as well: some allow you to have two independently controlled outlets, others give you one controlled outlet and one dumb outlet.

Also, some people will pay extra for devices which can easily fit in a vertical line so that in a wall outlet with two receptacles you can put two of the devices. Other people are more concerned about budget, and will accept a less expensive device which Is blockier, so only allows one per receptacle because there just isn’t room for the second one.

Also, some people want additional features like energy monitoring or a (dumb) USB slot. Or HomeKit compatibility.

And some people are looking for devices that come in more colors and just the standard white and light Almond.

So all of that is on the customer preference side. Separately, the country you live in matters, because the device selection will vary.


Can you tell us what country you are in, if you have a protocol preference (Zigbee, zwave, WiFi, or cloud), if you have any particular size or feature preference, and if you have any aesthetic preferences like color or color of the LED. And your budget per device.

There are a lot of choices out there now, so that would help narrow it. :sunglasses:

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I use a variety of plugs/outlets from smartthings (centralite) square, oval, barrel outlets, iris outlet, various brand of dual outlet (one hot and one switched [dimmer]) plugs. i prefer these plug/outlets compared to in wall switches/outlets as they tend to fail at random times and after a year or so and can be a pita to deal with.

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I like the zooz options for zwave because you can get either a double plug or a heavy duty plug, and the samsung (soon to be aeotec) for Zigbee because it has power reporting which seems uncommon in Zigbee world, unfortunately it’s very large and does block outlets.

If there is a Zigbee plug that does power reporting and doesn’t block the second outlet I’d like to know about it!

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