Zwave and Zigbee frequencies around newborns

Are there any articles related to wireless frequencies and their impact to the health of newborns?
I would think wifi would be larger concern but I couldn’t find any good articles.
Just curious to see if any studies have found any negative effects on growing babies, whether it is related to zwave, zigbee, or wifi.

No, as long as you keep your newborn’s firmware up to date and reboot them every month or so you should be fine.


:100: agree. :rofl:

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First, we would need to know what country you are in, since the Z wave frequencies do vary.

Zigbee and Wi-Fi are in exactly the same frequency band, so whatever you find out about Wi-Fi applies to Zigbee except that Zigbee is about one 100th as strong and generally transmits for much smaller messages. In fact, microwave ovens operate in the same frequency band, but at a super strong transmission inside the box. Bluetooth is also on this frequency.

If you aren’t worried about having a Microwave oven or Xbox in the room with the baby, you shouldn’t be worried about Zigbee devices. In fact, it’s quite likely you already have some zigbee networks in your home, such as a smart meter or even a cable set top box. Or a security system.

Zwave is on a different frequency, but it’s the same frequency that was used for purposebuilt baby monitors for 30 years, or some of the old style cordless phones. Again, people typically have had these in the room with babies for decades. ( well, not the same baby obviously, but you understand what I mean. :wink:) So older non-video baby monitors are frequently on the same frequency as zwave and the video baby monitors are usually on the same frequency as Zigbee.

Hospitals also routinely have children in the natal intensive care unit in enclosures hooked up with all kinds of RF monitors, sometimes for months. These devices are life-saving, and considered very safe. in fact, more and more NICUs (newborn intensive care units) are shifting to RF monitors because it allows for better hugs and cuddling of the baby, which has been shown to be important for their health. :blush: and again, many of these are exactly the same frequency that Zigbee uses.

The most important thing to understand is that there are two kinds of “radiation.“ Ionizing, which could hurt you, and non-ionizing, which is very unlikely to. Wi-Fi, zwave, Bluetooth, and Zigbee are non-ionizing.

If you are getting rid of your microwave oven and your Wi-Fi and your mobile phone and your Bluetooth devices before the baby arrives, then your Zigbee and zwave devices are probably still safer, but you might want to consider reduction methods. And, of course, talk to the baby‘s pediatrician.

Otherwise,you should be fine. And best wishes to the newborn and the family! :sunglasses:


the microwave in your house and all the cell phones are more harmful then zigbee and zwave. though, you are most likely okay as long as you dont have any electronic device directly touching the baby for extended periods of time.

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