LAN over microUSB for Netatmo devices?

Hi guys!

Quick one here.

I’ve got a Google Home mini… and I’ve plugged it in (unofficially, yes, I am aware) via a Y cable to ethernet and power using the single microusb port on the device…

I was thinking… Could my netatmo weather station and my thermostat be plugged in the same way? Those are the only devices I have left on the 2.4GHz wifi… heck… the only devices that rely on wifi… period!

Why do I mention that? Easy… The Mrs. wants to get rid of it… she’s afraid of possible health issues regarding wifi…

And in a way I believe her! I have noticed that whenever I sleep somewhere that has no wifi signals whatsoever I sleep better than at home! What gives???

Anyways… hope to start a conversation here about that… oh and if you guys know of any zigbee thermostat / weather station… I’m open to suggestions!

Are you miles away from all of your neighbors? If not, then you’re being bombarded with Wifi signals all the time. And what about radio waves? Are you going to get all the radio stations shut down in your area? I don’t understand why the Zigbee radio waves are okay but the wifi radio waves aren’t. Can you tell me why Zigbee won’t kill you but wifi will? Why not just build a faraday cage and live in that? LOL

And where was this place that had no WiFi? On a camping trip? Where it’s a heck of a lot quieter too? Think that could be affecting your sleep? I am so sick of people thinking they’re going to change the amount of RF radiation they get by turning off 1 device. Get an RF meter and check it out. You turn off your wifi and i bet it will barely move, if at all. Unless you are going to live in a completely RF free environment, a Faraday cage, then you are going to get RF radiation exposure. And you know what, you’re going to be fine.

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I was trying to get away from this discussion…

My parents have no wifi, live out in a farm away from all wifi signals… not even TV reaches! Radio at times…

So there is my experience.

About wifi at home, yes I know there’s a zillion wifi networks around but… what wouldn’t you do to keep your Mrs. happy? If she wants all wifi out, that’s my goal…

Now if we can get back to my original question?

You would have to check with Netatmo and your thermostat manufacturer. You don’t even mention what brand of thermostat you have.
Also, you never answer why you want to add more zigbee devices but don’t want wifi.

Both the thermostat and the weather station are netatmo… :sweat_smile:

As for the zigbee, it’s compatible with st and easy to install… I know it’s still radio… but hush! Mrs. hasn’t connected the dots on that yet… lol!

Unless you have an ethernet solution for both weather forecasting and climate control that doesn’t break the bank?

Nope…because I use a perfectly, 100% safe wifi solution. But that’s because I’m not a paranoid loon.

Radio waves are below visible light on the spectrum. You get much more radiation taking a flight across the Atlantic than you will in your entire life from radio waves. It’s just click-bait designed to make money.

This is probably because, without WiFi, you’re less likely to stay up late messing around on this forum with your phone or tablet before actually going to bed :rofl:!

it should be easy enough for you to just ignore random people on the internet. On the other hand, if the OP ignores his own spouse, he does so at his own peril, even if he doesn’t 100% agree with her.

@danielccm I’m trying to understand what device you’ve used to connect your google home mini to the internet. How does it provide a network connection if it plugs into the mini’s power port?

I have used passive PoE injectors and splitters to provide power and network connection to IP cameras that were not intended to use PoE. But that wouldn’t seem to apply to the setup you’re describing.

Link to this device?

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Because the more people talk about the more credence is given to it. It shouldn’t even be allowed to be discussed let alone given any serious consideration.

The Chromecast Ultra has the power adapter with an ethernet port built right in… works perfectly on the Home…

I’ve also seen this:

Not gonna lie to you… still haven’t got it… but I’ve read it works… so I will probably get it… for 15 euros… can’t be that bad…

Perhaps. But again, who cares? OP is asking about a project he’s working on. He’s not asking you to turn your WiFi off, or something like that.

Seriously? Who gets to decide that? There’s no official (or unofficial) censor of “stupid” ideas here. Why would we want that?


Which by the way… just got cancelled… or at least I’m at a dead end with the thermostat… I tried with the aforementioned Chromecast adapter and nothing… it won’t help… or at least not in the 3 minutes I’ve dedicated to it… will try again later… as well as with the weather station…

Any ideas how to get those 2 services wired? Thanks!

Right, ok that looks like a device that combines a usb Ethernet dongle with an extra usb plug for power.

Chromecast is capable of taking an Ethernet signal through its micro-usb port, from what you’re saying. I know fire TVs can do that too.

I guess the question is, are google Home mini’s intended to do that too? Or the netatmo devices you’re considering?

Just because they are powered by usb, that probably doesn’t mean that they can also support a network connection through that usb port.


Which is probably the case here… ugh…

Officially nope… but unofficially… it works… so it suits me!

Oh! BTW… did I mention that my stupid microwave oven shuts off all wifi communications when in use??? LOL! even if I’m on the 5GHz band… (just saying…)… Then again… that’s what happens when you have the kitchen and living room all in one space…

Since you’re willing to hide the fact from your wife that Zigbee operates at the exact same frequency (2.4GHz) as most Wi-Fi signals… Have you considered simply disabling SSID broadcasts from your home router? You can usually manually enter the SSID into client devices. You’re wife will never know that the house even has Wi-Fi afterwards. It would be an interesting experiment, at least, to see if she sleeps better afterwards. Now, if she catches you, you’re totally on your own!

PERSONAL DISCLAIMER: “I would never condone such behavior.” “I would attempt this in my home!” :wink:


That made me my day! haha! :joy:


You need a new Microwave…

As long as you aren’t trying to do realtime energy reporting, total RF exposure from a typical zigbee device will be many times less than from a typical Wi-Fi device. They are designed for tiny messages sent infrequently.

So without going into any details about either side of the argument, just from a strictly technical point of view, there is a big difference between zigbee devices and Wi-Fi devices. I’m not saying Wi-Fi reaches a level that matters, I’m just saying the fact that both Wi-Fi and zigbee transmit on the same frequency doesn’t mean they create the same amount of RF exposure as typically deployed for home automation.

These issues get discussed in the forums about every 4 or 5 months, typically when some study hits the news. For example: