ZWave 120VAC and USB in a 2-gang electrical box?

I have a 2-gang electrical box and I’m trying to achieve:
Two z-wave controlled 120VAC outlets (independently controlled) and 2 USB charging ports.
*USB is not z-wave controlled, just a convenient charging port.
*Would like to avoid anything external to the electrical box, anything that plugs into a regular outlet.

I can’t seem to find a product or combination that would fit.
There is no z-wave 120VAC outlet with USB.
All of the z-wave dual outlets have one outlet always on, one z-wave controlled.

Thoughts, recommendations?

I’m sorry, I’m a little confused. In the US it’s pretty rare to have residential outlets in a two gang box except for heavy duty appliances, which would look like this:

So I just want to make sure we’re talking about the same thing. In the US, a double gang box with in wall receptacles would have four outlets. Do you want all four of those independently controlled, or just two of them?

I installed a 2-gang inwall box like this:
I would like it to contain 2-120VAC z-wave / zigbee controlled outlets and 2+ USB charging ports.
In any combination.

Basically this, but with z-wave not wifi:

Usb type-A is already phasing out, type A will be old in 20 years?

OK, those don’t exist in Z wave yet, the radios are too bulky. Some of the manufacturers have talked about designing one once the smaller 700 series chip are available, but that could mean another two years before they come to market. I know at one point Inovelli was considering it, but I don’t think they went ahead with the design.


As far as the available Wi-Fi ones, speaking just for myself, I don’t wire anything into the Mains which isn’t UL or ETL certified.

That said, TPLink has an official integration and is very popular. It’s Wi-Fi, and I don’t know the exact specs, but there are a lot of people using it. No USB charger port, though.

If you find one you like better that doesn’t already have a smartthings integration, but that works with Alexa, you can use that as a “man in the middle“ for smartthings integration.

FAQ: WIFI Devices in ST? How can I integrate a WiFi or Bluetooth device that isn’t on the official compatibility list?

But if you want zwave, you’re just going to have to wait a while.

Hey guys, so just so I’m understanding correctly (idk, could be the Crown + Diet talking right now, could just be the Lazy Sunday syndrome) you want a Z-Wave Outlet (1 Smart + 1 Dumb Outlet) with built in USB chargers (does not have to be smart), right?

Basically, this:

But with USB-A, correct?

If so, yes, we are actually going to be launching this hopefully within a few months. Our manufacturer just came out with some themselves, so we’ll likely just take theirs and add our own firmware in it.

I’ll update tomorrow with some pics, but there are a few options and we were going to open up a poll in our community to see what’s preferred:

  1. 1 Smart Outlet + 1 Dumb Outlet + 2 USB-A
  2. 1 Smart Outlet + 1 Dumb Outlet + 1 USB-A + 1 USB-C
  3. 2 Smart Outlets + 1 USB-A

There’s a bit more to the story, but I need to check my notes tomorrow!



Yes, any of those options would fit my needs. Given the option I would probably go for #3. It is not critical to my project now, so I’ll put a regular outlet or just a cover plate and hopefully wait for you guys to come out with your product.
Any chance you can ping me when these products are available?


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Will these come in white and ivory?

When wiring our new house, the builder put two 2-gang outlets in the master bedroom, one where each nightstand would be. We use all 8 of those outlets.

But I agree, they’re uncommon.

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All my basement and garage are double 2 gang, a few are 4x 2 gang. I also have a few strategically located throughout the house and wish I had more :slight_smile:


Hey, Eric. Any updates on this?

note that 2 vertical outlet slots for a plug is only rated for 15 amps, while one vertical and one vertical with a slot off that vertical for the plug is rated for 20 amps.

Oh dang guys, I completely forgot about this!

Unfortunately, we aren’t able to make this at this time and are focusing more on lighting (switches, bulbs, etc).

I do think this is still an awesome idea, but until we get a major backer/investor, we have to stick to what we’re good at :frowning:

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