Monoprice Outlet with 2 USB ports Z-Wave Plus $22.99

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Greate find. Ordard on Amazon.

Have you used this? Do you know if the USB ports can be controlled? I’ve been looking for something I can use to control USB indicator lights.

Not sure, but I don’t think the USB ports can be controlled. You can probably just plug in external USB adapter into the AC port and control USB ports that way.

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This is correct. Reviews on the Monoproce product page confirm the USB ports are not controlled by Z-Wave.

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Is the plug (that gets inserted into the wall receptacle) at the bottom of the Monoprice unit so that you can use it without blocking the lower socket of a duplex wall receptacle? I’m unable to find any photos that show the back of the unit, or any other information pertaining to my question anyplace else.

it only uses one receptacle. will look less attractive (hang over the edge of the wall plate) if you move it up of down to make room for a second plug.


That’s OK…I’m more of a functionality-over-form sort, and would most likely use something like this in a relatively unseen location anyway. Thanks for the info.


Amen! Functionality is WAY more important than form (beauty). What? Does everyone sit around looking at their wall sockets? Is your date not going to make out with you because you wall sockets aren’t pretty? C’mon. This product is a chunk of plastic that will be plugged in behind a piece of furniture. And, oh, those cords are sooooo sexy.

Not only does a device need to be functional first (as in the layout of this one, most charging bricks are large and hang down, what idiots puts the USB ports on the bottom, or worse yet between the two plugs), but need to be tested by their designers who actually have to use them. Everything needs to be tested by REAL people before being produced. There are special levels of hell for those that design poorly designed products. They will spend all eternity using them and being frustrated.

I may buy one of these because of its logical design and I don’t even have a home automation system yet!

I’m guessing there is no Mrs. Mitch in the house yet. One day WAF will play a role and you will understand.

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Actually, there is and she agrees with me about functionality.

Sounds like a keeper. :joy:

How did you guys get this thing paired? I’m having trouble getting it into pairing mode following the included instructions.