Zooz ZSE40 4-1 Motion Sensor and other Zooz devices (ZSE01, ZSE02)

Thanks @Robert_Vandervoort.

Got a reply back from ST support. They said the original IDE site is being replaced by USEAST server.

If thats the case then my ZOOZ sensor is still being detected incorrectly.

Here is the Device Information reported by the new IDE portal. Does that info help?

Perhaps the DeviceID Fingerprint in the code is wrong for my device?

Raw Description
zw:Ss type:0701 mfr:0109 prod:2021 model:2101 ver:5.01 zwv:4.05 lib:03 cc:5E,98 sec:72,5A,85,59,73,80,71,31,70,84,7A role:06 ff:8C07 ui:8C07

Thanks again,

From: SmartThings Support
Date: Sun, May 22, 2016 at 9:33 AM
Subject: [SmartThings] Re: IDE website issues appear to have duplicate accounts
To: Thr33strip3s

Hey Shan,

Thanks for reaching out!

I apologize for the confusion we have made. If you ever want to do custom code or look at your Location/Hub/Devices, you’ll always want to go to https://graph-na02-useast1.api.smartthings.com. It is our new server that all new users are being added to.

While you can log into http://graph.api.smartthings.com, it is not the server your Location/Hub/Devices are located on.

It is the same account for both servers, nothing to worry about there.

If you have any other questions, let us know and we’ll get you taken care of.

Kind regards,

Jake K.
SmartThings Support
Help me help you!

New development.

After adding the Device Handler, on the right hand pane called Simulation, after clicking on Set Location, then choosing a device to Test With, and selecting the Zooz device with generic Zwave name.

Different tiles are now being shown but are blank.

Am not home now but will try to remove/re-add the Zooz sensor and hope it starts working as expected.



Have yet to return home and attempt to repair the device. Just checked my Smartthings app on my phone and holy moly all tiles are reporting information.

The Simulation Pane of the Device Handler area of the IDE site appears to do more than simulate!

Many thanks again for your work Robert

so the simulator, I didn’t really do any work to, it’s legacy code from the aeon multi 6 this code branched from. you can feel safe to ignore the simulator. If you add the device handler, then add the sensor to ST, then it should detect it as my device type straight away… mine does anyway.

also @adidas, where did you get

Raw Description
zw:Ss type:0701 mfr:0109 prod:2021 model:2101 ver:5.01 zwv:4.05 lib:03 cc:5E,98 sec:72,5A,85,59,73,80,71,31,70,84,7A role:06 ff:8C07 ui:8C07

from? All I get in the IDE is
Raw Description 0 0 0x0701 0 0 0 e 0x5E 0x98 0x86 0x72 0x5A 0x85 0x59 0x73 0x80 0x71 0x31 0x70 0x84 0x7A

@Robert_Vandervoort Here is a screenshot

You can see that it was detected as a Z-Wave Door/Window Sensor

The Label must be where my Rename values are stored

Ahhh. Yeah that’s where I copied mine from. So they must be upgrading the system and you must be in the new one or maybe it’s because I am on a v1 hub? What version hub are you on? The manufacturer and product info in your string is what they are rolling out. I think since there are so many manufacturers making similar devices that behave a bit differently this was done to be more accurate in matching device to device type. Your readout really helps me because I can set it up in the handler code. They are pulling it but according to the blogs, not officially using it yet.

Door and window sensor?? That’s screwed up. Based on the capabilities listed in the string that makes no sense they would even guess that was what it is. Also check out my GitHub repository. I published version 1.2 a while back. There are a bunch of fixes in there you will want.

Is this the correct repo? Dont see a v1.2

Thanks, adidas

EDIT: Hub is v2

ah nevermind I was thinking of the motion sensor not this one, my bad. 1.1 is current.

So far the only issue I am seeing is with the low battery / battery reading… it goes from 100% to 1 all the sudden. When the sensor sends 255 it sets the battery level to 1 which triggers low battery notification. It doesn’t seem to read any values in between but at the same time 1% seems to last forever… Might have to get in touch with zooZ folks about this as it could be a bug in the firmware.

Thanks for putting this together, I got this working now (motion wouldn’t “turn off” before so I removed and reinstalled the device).

Question: why is the humidity and light sensor adjustment defaulted to +10? and temp +1?

i need to look at the spec sheet but I think it is minimum value perhaps. Spec sheet is in the github repo in the sensors folder. I’ll take a look after dinner. I just set it to the manufacturer defaults.

Thanks for this great DTH.

How do I set a negative temperature offset? I can’t seem to enter a negative number.

Thanks for your time.

I just received an email from the folks at Lotenz HD. The offsets are actually response settings. Say you put 10 in the temperature offset, that means the sensor will report if the temp changes a tenth of a degree. I’m going to make the appropriate changes in the device handler and make bye of their findings and republish it tonight. This same rule applies for all the offsets humidity is in actual degrees as is light.

Here is the updated handler… So just to clarify, there are no adjustment capabilities presently. The threshold settings are for reporting thresholds. Descriptions have been updated for the app in the new code. Also battery bug has been fixed. It requires being actively pulled, so that has been accounted for.

for the motion tile as primary tile


for temp as primary


So, I intend to get several of these sensors dedicated to different tasks. 1 or more would be dedicated to motion and another to temp, so it would be convenient to have motion as the primary tile on some and temp on others. Is that possible or am I just going to have to settle for one or the other?

Well I had no problems installing the device handler and adding the device.

It came up quick & displayed data…

Problem is motion doesn’t appear to work at all and my attempts to set LED Behavior to LED Off had zero effect. It appears to have worked for a split second, now it doesn’t do much of anything except blink blue…

I am experiencing the same as bobby. Motion, which is one of the primary functions that influenced my decision to purchase this sensor, doesn’t seem to work at all, and the refresh rate for the other monitored attributes is really slow. Whats the point of monitoring motion if it only updates once every 3 minutes?

Thanks, Robert! I’m really impressed with the accuracy of the sensors compared to my Aeon Multi-sensor 6’s. The Luminosity is a bit wonky, thought. 100%??? What were they thinking?

Yeah man. I know. What is 100%, the surface of the sun? No. Turns out to be a well lit room. To be fair, lux is also a weird measurement. I don’t have a better suggestion though. I like the accuracy but don’t like the battery life. Speaking of, I need to figure out what’s up with battery reporting. I think my code is ok, but it goes downhil fast and stays at 1%. I want to home this on me but I don’t see what’s inaccurate code wise.

Can you use Luminosity in rules? Seems like ST like lux.

I’ve noticed this sensors burns through the batteries pretty fast. I’ve also noticed it reports A LOT, which I imagine is the reason for the battery burn.