Zooz ZEN34 - Make it a dimmer switch?

I posted a while back asking if there were any remote dimmer switches out there and I was told the ZEN34 could do what I wanted. The thing is great, but I couldn’t make it work like a ZEN77/ZEN72. The hold up/hold down options allow me to assign routines and I’ve made like 10 of them… The ZEN34 is controlling 5 smart lights. One of them is the master. I have if statements setup checking the master’s on/off state and the level of dimming, then depending on the brightness it will put it up/down another 20%. You have to let go of it and do it again for it to move up/down another 20%.

I’m not sure if that switch is using the edge drivers or not because I don’t have a “driver” option when I hit the 3 vertical dots in the top right when viewing the device. With that said… I have 3 of these switches and I did take one out of the network, install the edge driver, and re-add it. That one is on the edge driver and it looks to be the exact same as what the other switch’s options are. Both say firmware 1.3. The newer switch that is definitely on the edge driver also doesnt appear to have the option to make it work exactly how a ZEN77 does.

Is how I set it up the only way to do it? It’s clunky but it technically works. It’s just not as user friendly.

Using a smartthings V3 hub

Are the dimmers you’re controlling also z-wave? Does the driver you’re using allow you to set association groups in the settings menu? Assuming the answer to both is yes, then the other way to do this is through direct association, where the remote sends a z-wave command to start/stop dimming directly to the dimmers that it’s controlling. According to the product manual, the ZEN34 uses association group 3 for dimming. I don’t have one so can’t comment on how well it works, but you probably don’t want to add all 5 dimmers to association group 3 as it could cause laggy performance. Maybe just add the 1 master dimmer to the association group, and then use routines to mirror that dimmer to the other 4.

I’d also suggest you see if @TheSmartestHouse has any advice. They’re usually very quick to help out their customers.


It’s doing all 5 separately atm because 3 are LED strips and 2 are bulbs. The issue is the colors between the two don’t match so they need different color assignments. The strips and bulbs are all from Innr and are zigbee based, where as the switch is zwave.

The driver doesn’t allow me to select light groupings. I don’t see the option to use groupings when setting up scenes either.

When you go in to setup a routine to run when you click a button, it only allows you to set the dimming levels to specific values. There is no dimming slider anywhere.

I originally had it setup so there was a master bulb and then a color coordinator app to mirror colors and a smart lighting app to mirror the brightness, but it was buggy. If you switched from a color to a color temp based light, it’d fail. There were more issues so I went in and added each light manually to 10 routines -_-

It sounds like a complex set-up including multiple components, possibly bridging other technologies outside of Z-Wave. This sets additional limitations on the device itself since SmartThings doesn’t implement all of the Z-Wave commands, especially around remote control. If you get in touch with Zooz support, we can get more details on the installation and recommend the best way to move forward in terms of programming the Remote Switch to work best with your devices.