Zooz Zen23 V2 and 4-way wiring?

Hi, just wondering if u have the new updated support page posted yet as per your post on September 29.


Hi Chad, we’re in the process of updating the 3-way solution to a more flexible one so will not be publishing any additional documentation right now. You can get in touch with our support for help with any of your switches and we’ll be glad to help!

Ok, Thanks. I just received my order so I will use the diagrams above then for now.


I used the 5-way diagram above and it worked for me. I had to change box thee as someone else said - both whites one one side and both blacks on the other side. Works like a charm!



I just purchased 2 of these switches. Is there an updated diagram or advice on how to set it up for a 5 way switch. Someone mentioned that the above configuration will not work?

It all depends on 2 things:

  1. Whether you have direct connection to power (line) and direct connection to light (load) in the SAME switch box
  2. What type of 4-way switch you have (connections to the 4-way may be different depending on the type of switch you’re using)

We recommend getting in touch with our support since they’ll probably need to see images from your switch boxes to help you identify the wires. You can get in touch here.

Any luck with a 4-way solution when the Line and Load are on opposite ends of the circuit? (ie. Line in box 1, and Load in box 3) I did manage to get it working when they were in the same box, thanks! Same question for 5 way as well!

We’re developing VERSION 3 of the switches which will have this ability as long as you have line and neutral in one of the boxes. The new version should be available in early May. Feel free to get in touch with our support and we’ll let you know once we get them in.


That is AWESOME to hear! You guys know where to find me if you need beta testers!


Just in case you didn’t already know, the v3 switches are available now, paddle only currently, toggle switches are reported to be coming after the new year.

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Thanks for posting the update @Llama!

If anyone’s interested, here is the link to the switches (still in pre-sale only at the website, coming soon to Amazon):

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@TheSmartestHouse Could your Zooz Zen23 work in a 4 way solutions as shown on this video? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0rRC_Mrlumc&feature=youtu.be

I would love to use your Zen23 in the master switch and just 3 way regular light switches in the other 2 switches.

Unfortunately they won’t work in this type of 4-way where load and line are located in 2 separate boxes. You could use the new ZEN26 switch and wire it according to Option 2 in the diagrams here:

The toggle switches ZEN23 and ZEN24 need to have load and line in the same box if they’re going to be used in a 4-way set-up.

Let us know if you have any other questions!

When are you coming out with a toggle switch that will work in a 4 way setup like the Zen26

We’re currently working on a new version of the toggle switches but the release date hasn’t been confirmed yet. The estimate is for early spring 2019 though. We’ll keep you posted here!

I noticed you have a version 3 out for the zen23 does that now support 4 way wiring where the load and line are not in the same box? like the zen26?

Hi Jim, wiring is the same across the versions so ZEN23 VER. 3.0 will have the same wiring as ZEN23 VER. 2.0, it will not accommodate a 4-way with load and line in separate boxes unfortunately. We have a new model for the toggle switch that would be the equivalent of ZEN26 in the pipeline but don’t have a release date yet.

Any update on the toggle version with 4-way capability?

Still nothing, the project is on hold and we haven’t received any updates on it so far. Sorry we don’t have better news!