Zooz 4 way switch wiring

So I have a 4 way switch connected to some recessed lights in my living room. I purchased a Zooz Zen22 dimmer switch to replace one of the switches in the circuit. Now I am having hell getting it connected properly. Most of the circuits in my home have a neutral wire so I didn’t think that would be an issue but now I believe it is, I didn’t check that specific switch box prior to ordering the Zen22.
I’ll try to describe each switchbox as best as possible, I have pics
Switchbox 1: 4way switch 2 black wires on one side and 2 red wires, also the white neutral wire of the 2 incoming wire groups are tied together

Load appears to come in on the white neutral wire as with all other wires disconnected in this box the white wire has power. Also when all hooked up correctly power jumps around the 4 wires connected to the switch depending on the position of all the switches.

Switchbox 2: red and black wire on one side and red on the other

I believe power comes in on the red wire with the electrical tape

Switchbox 3: red and white wire on one side and a black wire on the other.

I believe again power comes in on the white wire

Yup so I’m no electrician and the Zen22 requires a neutral wire but my neutral wire has power on it so ya no clue.
I looked up the wiring diagram online Zooz provides

But I’m unsure how to make my wiring look like that without redoing everything

Anyone know how to make this work without redoing all my wiring??
Thanks in advance

I hate 3-way / 4-way wiring… I wimped out and went with Lutron Caseta!

Email your photos to @thesmartesthouse support (https://www.thesmartesthouse.com/pages/contact-us) and they’ll tell you whether you can use the Zooz switch in your setup. You need to install the Zen-22 in a box with both line and load. The white wire seems to be used as a traveler through Box 1 and Box 3 but you don’t show what it does in Box 2.

I have 2 3-way and 2 4-way setups, accidentally ordered Zooz paddle switches instead of toggles, started opening switch plates to work out the wiring on the ground floor and gave up and just returned them. Months later, my wife asked for a dimmer in the upstairs hallway so I went ahead and bought a GE dimmer with add-ons, then went to install it and found that the wiring would have allowed me to just get one Zooz instead. Oh well…

Thanks for tagging us @MarkTr!

@mrturner85 these pictures don’t show us enough, we’d need to see where each of the wires connected to each switch exits the box to identify line, load, and your 14-3 romex wires connecting the switches with one another. If you can pull out all of the switches in the boxes and bring all the wires forward, then take a straight shot at each box showing the inside of each box clearly, we’ll be able to send you detailed wiring instructions if it’s possible to use this version of the switch in this set-up. Please send the pictures to info@thesmartesthouse.com Thanks!

Email sent. It’s a doozy lol

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Thank you! We’ll be in touch later tonight with some feedback and additional questions if necessary.

Not to thread jack…but @TheSmartestHouse any update on the restocking zooz power strip or aeotec power strip? Showing out of stock :rocket:

I don’t believe that you have a neutral there. The 2 white wires have black marking (maybe from electrical tape) and looks like they come from the other boxes. You might have to run a neutral (you definitely have one at the light) between light and switch box. You will reuse wires between boxes.

@Smartphi No news about Aeotec (may be discontinued) but we should be getting the new improved version of the Zooz Power Strip within the next couple of months. We’ll post here once we have a release date!

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I don’t believe that you have a neutral there.

Neutrals are usually hidden in the back of the box and not connected to switches if they’re not electronic so that’s why we always need a good view on what’s inside every switch box. We’re reviewing the additional pictures we received and should have a final answer tomorrow.

With 3, 4, 5, etc way switches the thing to pay attention to is the actual 3 way switches. The ones with 3 wires. On those switches you will find a screw that is a different color, usually bronze or black. In the pictures posted I see they are black. On one switch you will have the load to the fixture and the other you will find the line from the breaker. It’s easy to figure out line by removing this wire from the switch and testing which one is hot. Hopefully in that box you will find a neutral and that switch location will be your master smart switch.