4-way setup help needed

So quick question about wiring. I’ve got a 4-way setup. In my 4-way setup, the only switch that has access to a neutral wire is the 4-way switch. The 2 3-way switches don’t have access to the neutral wire (and it’d be really hard to pull one from the fixtures). I got the Zooz Zen26 switches but from what I can tell from the wiring diagrams, I can only use it to replace the 3-way switches in a 4-way setup. Since I can’t access the neutral from the 3-way switch boxes, this won’t work for me unfortunately. Is there any other option for me?

But you have a 3-wire cable from the 4-way to each of the 3-way switches, right? I’m not familiar with the Zooz, but with the GE Add-on switch, you only need 2-wire to each of the add-on. That gives you one conductor unused to put neutral in the other boxes.

Diagram out what you have and then diagram out what you need. Pick from https://www.do-it-yourself-help.com/4_way_switch_diagram.html which exact configuration you have now.

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We recommend sending images from each box directly to Zooz support, maybe there is a workaround possible.