Need help installing zooz switches

I’m trying to install 2 zooz22 for my stairs light been trying for 2days yo no prevail. Bottom switch has a white, red, black(no volts) and a ground. Top light switch it has 2 white wires capped together. A red and a black capped together. Then a white, black(has volts), black(no volts) and a ground.

do you have a picture of the other box?

Take pictures before disconnecting anything.

Then map it out. Draw a picture, all switches, all lights. Circuit breaker number.

I don’t think (2) two Zooz dimmers are going to work together in 3way. One end must be a dumb mechanical toggle switch.

yeah, if those boxes are the same circuit you only need one Zooz switch and one dumb switch.

In this case you would use Option 2 from their instructions

So it’s not possible to use 2 zooz switches?

no, but why would you want to?

To be clear, the GE Smart Switches and many other brands use a “Slave” switch that is compatible with their brand for 3-Way operation. So, in a 3-Way circuit, you would have one (1) Smart Switch and one (1) “Slave”.

With Zooz, you have one (1) Smart Switch and one regular old dumb switch (or dumb 3-way) that works with the Smart Switch.

I like GE method better because it avoids confusion but boy is the Zooz solution cheaper!

I really just didn’t want 2 different switches but I guess that clears up why I couldn’t get it to work I literally tried everything smh thanks for the info everyone!

once the face plate is on, the Zooz switch looks like a regular paddle switch with an LED light. Not too noticeable IMO.

Ik they look similar I split my fan and light and put it in a 2gang box 1 zooz one regular switch just wanted all the same I guess maybe one day

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If it’s two separate circuits, then you will need two Zooz switches.

If any one else is searching for help on this topic this video should help out: