Alternative to GE/Jasco toggle light switch?

I purchased several of the dimmer and non-dimmer versions of these switches back in November while we were building a new house. We recently moved in and I’ve been installing some of them. So far, two of the dimmers failed after only a couple of days working. They won’t manually turn of the lights or anything. I was going to try a 3-way install as well but the whole add-on switch requirement has me put off.

  1. Is there an alternative switch I could try for dimmer and non-dimmer?
  2. Is there an alternative that doesn’t require an add-on switch for 3-way?
  3. Is there a reset procedure to try and get the two failed ones working again since I can’t return them?


Check out Zooz switches on If they aren’t working manually, check the wiring to make sure none of the wires are loose or have fallen out (including the neutral).

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Thanks for the reply, I did check and the wiring is solid. I’ve emailed Jasco Support to see if they’ll work with me. Appreciate the link to Zooz switches, I’ll check it out!

The switches should be replaceable under warranty l!?

If they won’t turn on manually, either the switch is burned out or there’s a problem with the wiring or both. You need to get this figured out or pretty much any new switch you put in the same location may have the same problem.

First things first, since some of these are three ways: you are using their add on switch with it, right? And following their wiring diagrams? The GE switches are not wired the same way a dumb switch is for three-way even though they use a physical traveler wire, and the easiest way to burn out the switches is to attach 120 V to the incoming traveler point. :disappointed_relieved:

You got good advice on looking at the zooz As a potential alternative, and they can be used with The existing dumb auxiliary, but the wiring is still a bit different, so you need to follow their wiring diagrams.


@professordave… they were purchased last November so Amazon says no to the return.

Thanks @JDRoberts… the dimmers that have failed are in single pole locations. Using traditional switches worked just fine before and after each of these failed.

Just to be sure, you might check the line and neutral against ground with a meter. I don’t know where you’re located, but in my location, I’ve seen both DIYers and even one electrician get them mixed up. (At least in the States, never assume white is neutral as it should be.)
The thing is, a traditional switch will tolerate being wired backwards, but, as smart switches need to provide power to their smart circuitry, they don’t.

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