Zooz switch installation question

Hi everyone - hoping some of you that have installed a few z-wave switches or have an electrical background could help.

I’ve been replacing switches around my house with Zooz switches. Most have gone smoothly. But today I ran into a wiring dilemma I hadn’t come across. Here’s a pic of the wiring going into an existing switch I want to replace:


As you can see, there are three black wires going into one terminal on the existing switch. I believe these are all “line” wires. The Zooz switch only has room for two wires on any terminal. Any ideas? Why are there three black wires in one terminal? I’ve seen two in various places but not three.

Thanks to anyone who might have an idea!

Splice them together with a third pigtail wire under a wire nut, tape it, and use that pig tail as a single line wire. Chances are that other wire is to power something else further down the circuit. Your switch should have a “C” or “Common” on it if it is the common terminal to switch between the other two. That looks like a three-way switch.

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Thanks for your help. It’s actually not a 3 way switch. Single pole controls one set of 6 pot lights. Splicing sounds like a reasonable solution, as long as there’s room in the box. These z-wave switches are much bigger than the typical “dumb” switch!