Zooz 3 way with power at light work around

Hi All,

Im hoping someone can help me out here. I want to add a Zooz 3 way switch to my lights and i’m running into a problem. It seems I have wiring that resembles the following which would prevent me from using the switch.

However I do have line in on the second box. Im wondering if i can do the following:

I essentially just want to power the switch but not power the load. (which is why i’m not sure this would work). Biggest problem is i can’t get behind the light (light fixture is glued to ceiling) other wise i think it could just disconnect the power from the light and power from the box instead.

Any help or ideas on how i can install?


It wouldn’t make sense to have power at the switch AND the fixture. Check your wiring again. If you don’t have one, a non-contact voltage detector and/or a multi meter would be a good investment.

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The power at the switch is capped right now. There are other lights tied in that the old owner disconnected to tie into the 3 way light. So basically i would reuse those line in wires to power the switch. Worse comes to worse i’ll disconnect the other lights off the 3 way and put those in a new single z wave switch from that location but it doesn’t solve the step light. I do have a voltmeter, that’s how i figured out the predicament i’m in right now.

Hi Steve, if you can’t get to the light, you won’t be able to get the neutral from the light to the switch box which is what needed to make the switch work. Right now you have a single romex bringing both power and connection to the light (so line and load) to the box but there’s no neutral. Even if you have access to the same power source (meaning same circuit as the fixture) in the other box, you’d still need to adjust connections at the light to bring neutral down to the box. As it is wired right now (or as shown in your drawing), you don’t have the neutral in the box so it won’t work unfortunately.