Zooz products

Any use any zooz devices? They any good?

You can find literally dozens of existing discussion topics about these products. They are very popular in the community for North American members. Excellent engineering, the latest Z wave features, and they provide any custom code needed to make it work with smartthings. They also have highly responsive tech-support. :sunglasses:


What @JDRoberts said. I personally own 6 Zen32 scene controllers and a ZST10 Zwave stick

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I use several SEN27 wall dimmer switches. They work fine.

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have several myself. while they are pricey on their website, wait for sales or check on ebay.

like @JDRoberts says there is no warranty with used zooz products on ebay. =]

so, you have to know your shit et. al. prices

If you decide you want Zen32s, let me know. I have a bunch of brand new devices still in the box.

I like their light switches. They are my absolute favorite. I also just got their Titan water valve shutoff doohickey and half a dozen water leak sensors, but haven’t installed them yet.

I’m considering trying their rgbw controller as well.


I discovered Zooz devices about 4 years ago as a less expensive alternative to Leviton.

I’ve got 22 Zooz switches and dimmers. They are ZEN26 and ZEN27 with one ZEN22 for a problematic LED bulb, so not their most recent models. When I’ve needed support, it’s been timely and knowledgeable.

The devices work well. I’ve been happy with them.


While grabbing Zen32s for people, I also realized I have 5 brand new S2 switches still in the box. If you are looking for those either, let me know.

I was curious about trailing edge dimming/MOSFET and I tried the ZEN77 but it turns out that it performed worst at dimming with the currently sold Luminus recessed LED at Costco Canada (PPS144J4 - Zooz don’t actually recommend using Luminus with their product also)

ZEN72 vs ZEN77

My 1st gen Inovelli NZW31 and GE/Jasco/Enbrigthen/UltraPro/Honeywell (why so many rebranding?!) ZW3010 dimmed the light much lower, so the LED driver is probably designed to work with a leading edge dimmer, the ZEN72 TRIAC would have been a better fit (but they recommend a minimum of 15-20W load

I just don’t like the default instant on on the Zooz but that can be adjusted, others have ramp up/down by default, interesting decision.

Jasco is the actual manufacturer.

Enbrighten is the name they themselves use for devices sold at retail.

Originally, Jasco licensed the GE name, so that consumers would feel better about their devices. GE does that quite a bit, actually. They let other companies use their name and logo for a fee.

Honeywell has a reverse agreement: they wanted to have Honeywell-branded smart switches, and they went to Jasco and made an arrangement for them to build the switches. The difference between this and the GE arrangement is that Honeywell makes the agreements with retailers to carry their devices, while Jasco makes the agreement with retailers to carry the GE branded devices that they make.

The GE and Honeywell branded devices have nearly identical hardware, but the firmware, and therefore some of the features, are different.

Ultrapro has a weird history. It was originally trademarked by Jasco for television accessories, like cables and antennas. Then they started using it in combination with the GE logo for a slightly more expensive version of their basic GE Zwave products, typically sold in contractor packs of four or more.

Now I’m not sure what they’re doing with it.

So basically, all of these brands are slight variation of the same basic devices, which are manufactured by Jasco.

A common Practice

This is a common practice in the home-improvement industry. Many of the items that you see at Home Depot are sold under three or four different brand names. It may be a case of a particular brand name helping improve sales to a particular market, of wanting to distinguish between contractor channels and retailer channels, of providing a retailer like Lowes or Walmart with an “exclusive“ brand, which is really just re-packaging, or of providing packaging which meets specific regulatory requirements for certain purposes or regions. For example, something as simple as an extension cord sold for use in hospitals, may have special packaging requirements, and this might be met under a different brand name.

As far as devices that work with smartthings, another Z wave company that does the same thing is Nortek. Nortek, Linear, GoControl, Nutone, 2gig, and a couple of others might just be re-branded versions of the same device, put in a different box.

FAQ: Question about GoControl--Is it the same as Linear?