Zooz ZEN Switches

The Smartest House has many Zooz switches and plugs on sale this week ending Sunday 2/2/2020. For example, ZEN21 for $20.99. It also includes the new Double Switch Fan/Light combo.

Also, free shipping on orders over $80. I just stocked up with ZEN21 and ZEN26 switches.


I wonder what switches they updated to the new white color. So far I think it’d been mentioned on ZEN 27(the S2 dimmer). That’s been my biggest gripe with them. That is they don’t match the faceplate & other switch whites .

Is there any way to change the color of the paddles on these Zooz switches? They seem to be good quality and cheap, but everything in my house is almond.

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I know you can on the zen30 but couldn’t figure it out on the zen22.

Just noticed there’s a custom DTH listed on their site that allows access to those features.

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Yup, you beat by 10 minutes…

I think that @vitamincm was referring to the actual color of the switch and not necessarily the ability of the device to control various colors.


The OP was, which I’m hoping @TheSmartestHouse will let us know. I think @saosinx88 may have also been looking at another discussion about these switches and may have cross posted with his one?

That’s correct. All of my switches and outlets have Almond wall plates. I don’t want these bright white switches sticking out like a sore thumb. Or should I say, I don’t want to listen to my wife after I ruin her color schemes.

The ZEN27 and ZEN21 are currently shipping in the new white to match Leviton plate and switches. The ZEN30 Double Switch was already released in that shade of white. If you have a ZEN27 or ZEN21 in the order, then all other switches in that order will also have the matching color because we have them in stock but are still selling through the older production batch for ZEN22 and ZEN26. If you’d like to request the latest version, place the order over the weekend or between 4PM and 10PM ET and send us the order number immediately after with your request.

The switches currently only come in white and the paddles are not exchangeable.

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Thanks for the quick reply. I wish the answer was different, but I appreciate your responsiveness. Any suggestions on a low priced Almond (or exchangeable) colored switch?

We should have Zooz switches with exchangeable paddles around the summer time. For now, the GE/Jasco switches come with almond paddles or at least they used to when we still carried them so that’s an alternative. They’ve been sold under $30 on Amazon for the past few weeks.

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The deal is great. But too bad that they don’t ship to Canada.