ZOOZ Products not really working out

Anybody have experience with Zooz? I have invested quite heavily in RGBW and Smart Switches based on their specs and the initial positive experience I had. However I have found the RGBW controller is really only an RGB controller. If you truly want RGBW you need to use two devices so 2X the cost. I have also found the ZEN22 and ZEN27 switches to be problematic. They will randomly lock up and no longer work as a light switch until they have been powered cycled - kinda hard to explain to the family that you need to reset a light switch. They will also drop from the zwave network requiring a removal and re-pairing sequence. They also don’t dim the lights very evenly, below about 50% you get a very distinct flicker. The final kick in the teeth is that the plastic pull tab that kills the power to reset the switches are now beginning to break making the switches totally useless. I have literally over 100 emails going back and forth with their support team. The real kicker is they acknowledge the products have issues but are unwilling to step up and take care of things. By complete contrast I have Honeywell and Lutron devices integrated into the same Zwave/SmartThings network and have had absolutely zero issues with them. Very disappointed in both the time and money I have invested in Zooz. Just me or have others had similar issues?

I’ve got mixed reviews with Zooz- some good, some bad. Lot of the items come with a “but” I will say their customer service has been very responsive to concerns I’ve raised. Most products require a custom DH, which has not been an issue.

As to RGBW, I installed three of these over a year ago, and they truly have the ability to control all 4 color sets (your LEDs need to support the control approach)- but as I recall the RGB controls and the W controls need to be done as separate controls in ST (which was not initially obvious)- although all 4 sets of lights will come on at the same time (I’m purposely controlling the while lights differently based on occupancy). This has worked flawlessly for me once I learned the trick.

I tried using the light switches (don’t recall which), and the wires came loose after multiple tries on multiple switches, which is a big safety issue- so I gave up and returned them and I think I got hit with re-stock fees. So I can’t talk to any of the issues you describe.

I’ve also gotten several of the outlet strips. Although pricey, I like the form factor, the ability to locally control and see the status of all loads. I’ve had one that went bad (which they refunded), and all of the others have required some “coaxing” to initially work right. I was told they don’t work for some loads, so the “but” here is they work for some things, but not all (e.g. power supplies), which his rather odd.

I’ve also gotten a few of the relay/sensors. These are cheap and have generally worked well, except sometimes, I’ve had to re-set after power cycling- leaving them on 24/7 has resolved this issue, although there is a power cycle setting that either did not work, or I did not configure correctly.

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I’ve always had good luck with Zooz, both the products and the support. I have probably around 8-10 of the various switches, and also the RGBW controller. It’s all worked pretty well - except for one light that is not wired according to documentation (so it’s no fault of Zooz that it sometimes flakes).

The RGBW controller does have some oddities - but I think that’s due more to the way the DHT had to be written to get around SmartThings’ platform limitations.


I have probably 20+ of their various switches/dimmers i’ve installed in our house over the years. No problems with any of them other than experimenting with switch plate covers to get the shades of white to match. The RGBW modules is a little funky since the RGB control is totally separate from the White control. I do wish it was more like the Sylvania Smart+ zigbee light strips where the white channel blends seamlessly with RGB, but overall it works and is reliable.

If you’re having issues with multiple types of devices, I almost wonder if you have some kind of local interference? any sources of 900 mhz radio in your house? Cordless phones, remote controls., etc? metal switch boxes?


I have over 20 Zooz ZEN26 switches and ZEN27 dimmers installed, some for almost three years. I’ve had, I think, one failure and one issue that was corrected by a firmware update.

I did, however, hit a wall with Z-wave devices. Somewhere around 30 Z-wave devices I started having lost and slow commands. It was a mix of brands (Zooz, GE/Jasco, and Leviton) and most were in one room. I replaced a few of the Z-wave devices with equivalent ZigBee devices in that room. I eventually reused the Z-wave devices elsewhere but have stopped adding any new Z-wave.

I guess the short answer is: I’ve been very happy with Zooz devices but not so happy with the SmartThings implementation of Z-wave.


One other thought: if any of you’re Zooz devices report energy, go into settings and cut the reporting back. Energy reporting can flood your z-wave network and cause a variety of issues. I think I cut my Zooz double plug back to report max every 30 seconds.


I also have around 20ish switches. Zen23, zen24, zen27, Zen73 and zen74. I just tonight had a Zen23 drop off for no reason, a simple power cycle at the break normally fixes the issue but sometimes I have to exclude and then include them back to the network. Mostly it’s my zen23’s(5) zen24’s(2) and the single zen27(1) that act up, and it’s only those 8 in the whole house that act up on random occasions.

I have been plagued with this problem from the get go. I love the products and custom service is always quick to reply. I have used a stock Zwave switch DTH and the custom DTH that are supplied by the @TheSmartestHouse.