ZOOZ No child devices

I’ve had terrible time with adding this to my ST. Added, removed multiple times. Hard reset several times. No Child devices at all just adds z-wave device and no control at all right now.
s2 z-wave plus strip with usb charging ports
ZEN20 VER 2.0
Any help?

Had to change the type to Zooz Power Strip VER 2.0 and got the child devices.
However they don’t work from the app. So far

Changing the “Type” doesn’t work for multichannel devices so you need to remove the device and join it again.

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Are you saying to remove (exclude) the main device from hub? everything will be removed. Then try to add (include the device again and I should have Main device and the child devices without changing the TYPE? Thanks

I’ve also had lots of problems getting my new ZOOZ 20 to work. Even after successfully setting it up, it would drop off and stop communicating (“offline”). Evidently it is very sensitive to “chargers” which apparently means most bricks and lot of IT devices (e.g. everything I’d planned to plug into it). ZOOZ Tech support has been very responsive, but usually ask for an exclude/ re include process, which I’ve leaned is a big hassle with ST when the device is not communicating. Even though ST now supports it, I asked about the custom DH and they suggested adding it in, which I did after my second exclude/re-include session. While the children showed up originally, the customization is not there unless you add the two custom DHs. This has now all been done and within ST, this works and the children appear, but they are not exposed to IFTTT. I’ve sent an email to ZOOZ about that issue.

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Just confirming you gave IFTTT permission to view those new child devices, right? That’s one of the few integrations that are not all or nothing.

Yes. If the custom handler is installed before you join the device then SmartThings will assign it the custom handler and you won’t need to change the type.

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I didn’t do anything special in IFTTT. But they are not exposed in the Applet pulldown list from ST. Is there a special setting that needs to be made?

Also, as an FYI, ZOOZ asked me if I set the names vs the app or through the IDE.

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Make sure to go into your linked services within the ST app and check all the devices you want exposed to IFFFT. A quick check and I found a handful of switches I hadn’t linked yet.

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Thanks- that solved the issue!