Zooz Garage Door SmartApp into Edge?

Anyone heard anything about the Zooz Garage Door SmartApp making the transition into Edge or what that looks like?

There isn’t an “Edge” replacement for SmartApps so transitioning that app isn’t possible.

Below are pretty much the only options once the Groovy platform is retired and if I created a new app (Option 1) users would have to figure out their own way to host it.

That’s not straightforward and there are bunch of different ways it could be done which would make it difficult to support and at this point it’s not worth the effort…

Once I’ve finished all the drivers on my To Do list I’ll put some more thought into it because maybe’s there’s a simpler solution I haven’t thought of…

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You might be able to do this specific use case with the following unusual edge driver. At least take a look and see. It can be used to link two devices together and have them show up as one device. there is a specific example for this using a tilt sensor and a relay which is pretty much what the old Zooz smart App did. (The topic title is a clickable link.)



I was able to make this work using the referenced virtual hub kit. Thank you very much!

One thing to note when comparing it to the example in that thread is that for the Zooz device once its been “turned on” you will have to turn it off again before it will fire the relay again. So for me my order of operation was after the trigger, when the new status of the door was reported (open or closed) to also turn off the relay again. Otherwise it would always be “on” and not react to a trigger. Hopefully that makes sense.

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Most of the Zooz switches have an Auto-Off setting which you can use to automatically turn the switch off a couple seconds after it’s turned on.

If you’re using the ZEN16 with at least firmware 1.02 or the ZEN17 then you could also set the Input Type setting to “Garage Door” which basically does the same thing.

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Mine indeed is a ZEN16 unit with FW 1.02, I have not transitioned to the edge driver yet for this unit. Based on the edge driver do you have a recommendation for either the auto-off or input type setting approach?

I’ll be looking for a solution to this as well.

The virtual hub kit has been working pretty well for me in place of the Zooz smartapp. Follow the link that was labeled as the solution for more info.

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