OMG I've missed ALL the new platform stuff

I have been WAY busy with lots of stuff and honestly haven’t done much here in I don’t know when. But, as a published developer, I’m a little surprised that the first communication I got from anywhere about the big platform change was last week. So now I’m drinking from a firehose… That being said…

Can someone tell me/point me to what, if anything, will replace the groovy IDE? I mean, if you want to build/test a device handler, can you do that? All I see is the developer portal and it won’t let me do anything unless I’m part of an organization.

Smartthings starts migrating stuff 9/30. Is it possible to manually to use an edge driver now and, if so, how? And can I use the IDE to change back if that doesn’t work. And the same goes for using the rules api and scenes api.

Thanks everyone and I apologize profusely because I’m sure this is all here, but I’m sorta freaking out because I initially was told all groovy stuff dies on 9/30.

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To get you started on your new journey:


If you’re looking to develop for z-wave/zigbee/LAN then start at the link below. Don’t bother with the developer portal as you’ll want to be working with the CLI.