New web interface / gui, where's all the old functionality?

Hi all,

seems the web interface has been given a rather massive makeover in the latest months, am I the only one who can’t find the good ol’ advanced functionality? Like advanced creation of new devices, changing the drivers of an existing device, publishing your own drivers and smartapps etc?


Those are part of the old legacy groovy platform and ST is in the process of migrating to Lua and Edge drivers. The old IDE which you are referring to will cease when ST ends support for Groovy. To access it, go to and click on hubs and select your hub to get devices, device handlers and smartapps to load. Notice that link uses http and not https.

But at this point, you should start to avoid loading new device handlers or smartapps in IDE.

Start looking at Edge drivers.


Thanks! Yeah, I know about edge, but there’s nothing about edge in the new interface either, not that I can see, it just lacks advanced functionality. Putting a link somewhere in the new gui, under some menu option, appropriately warning that this is the old style of doing things etc, certainly wouldn’t hurt. This is still the only way to do certain things.