Zooz Double Switch ZEN30

I have 3 brand new switches that I ordered. They have never been used and I decided to go a different direction using scene controllers. If you are in the market for these double switches, let me know. They are currently listed for $34.95 on the smartest house.

The double switch with built in dimmer would be awesome for a smart fan or even smart blinds to control the up/down.


Just to be clear (and feel free to confirm this with Zooz support) you can’t use the dimmer part of this device to control a motor. Just a dimmable light. So you can’t use the device for up down on a roller shade or for fan speed. The physics are different and you can burn out either the switch or the motor or both.

When the product description says you can use the relay part with a fan, they mean a simple single speed extractor fan like many bathrooms have, and you just use it for on/off. Or just on/off for a ceiling fan

From the installation guide:

  1. CHECK THE LOAD: Lights only for dimmer (75W for LED’s, 250W for incandescent), 15 A resistive load / 1/2 HP motor for relay.

Good call out. I am not advising anyone to control a motor directly by using the load on the dimmer. I am instead suggesting that the load control on the dimmer can be disabled and the dimmer events can be used through zwave to control an existing smart fan or smart blinds, setting their levels through automations.


Bumping this post, as I still have these switches available. Brand new and unused. I will beat the retail price at the SmartestHouse. Let me know if you are interested.