Help with a 2 button single gang switch, 2 side by side in one switch box

I have a two gang switch box right inside my front door and I would love to turn them all into smart switches without cutting any more holes in my wall. But in each switch opening I have one switch, where the top controls one thing and the bottom controls another thing. I need help with finding a switch that will work to control each of these thing independently, and work with Smart things.

What country are you in? The device selection does vary.

If you are in North America, Zooz makes a dual control single gang switch that would probably work as long as you can use a dimmer for the top control on each switch. Its primary use is for bathrooms where the top button controls the lights and the bottom controls an on/off exhaust fan, but it can be used in other ways as well.

You would need to have neutrals in the switchbox, though.

There are some other alternatives, including micros that fit behind the existing switch, but it does depend on what country you’re in and specifically what you want to control with each switch, most specifically if the lights are dimmable.

Do you know how deep the backbox is behind the switch plate?

I use Aqara’s double rocker zigbee switch. It does require a custom DTH (for now), but I wrote it and it works perfect w/the new app. Here’s a discussion about it (with pictures of my install):

Amazon listing: (there’s also a no neutral switch)

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