Switch from single pole bathroom fan and light to smart dual switch

Hi there,

Does anyone know of a smart switch which can convert a single switch (single gang) that controls the bathroom exhaust fan and light (only on/off for both at the same time) to a smart switch controlling the fan and light separately?

…as long as total wattage does not exceed the rating of the switch… (Which it should be OK if your wiring is already up to code.)

Also NEVER install a dimmer on a circuit with an inductive load. (Read: fan) Fire can happen.

That means this needs to be a SWITCH, not a dimmer. and because it controls the light at the same time it can’t be a fan controller either.

So find smart switches of your preferred tech that works in your region (let us know where that is for suggestions) that also meets the power requirements.

Sure, Zooz has one for just this purpose, assuming you are in the US or Canada.

Check with them for questions on wiring. :sunglasses:

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JD - that device only works if OP has separate load wires going up to the fixture for fan and lamp. I strongly suspect that’s not the case here.


Thank you both!

I will have to check the wiring to confirm if there are separate load wires or not.

Appreciate the quick replies!

Btw - for reference to first answer, i’m loaded in the US.


Yeah, I suspected that too, but that’s why I kicked it over to the smartest house for wiring questions. :wink:

Basically this is the device they want to end up with, but they might have to change both the model of the fan and the wiring to get there.

I suppose this is where I should go back to the first rule of home automation: “the model number matters.” In this case the model number of the fan. :sunglasses:

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Yes, I use this to control a ceiling fan and light combo directly connected to my ST hub, not Aqara’s hub: (there’s also a no neutral option)

More detail: (and a few pictures)


Oops, just saw the wiring requirement that the OP has, sorry!

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I don’t know the answer to your question, but I posed a different, but similar use case that could apply here. If you don’t change the wiring (which as others pointed out) probably does not have separate leads for the fan and the light, could you get a new smart unit that does both via zwave/zigbee? I’ve searched and posted a separate thread on this but so far, don’t have any responses on that scenario (my case is actually a separate light and fan, but common wiring). There are $$$ units that play BT, but no smart controls that I found.